• How To Stop Being Annoying On Facebook

    How To Stop Being Annoying On Facebook

    We all have those friends who are annoying on facebook. Send them this article and hopefully they’ll change. Here are four ways to stop being annoying and become that likable person again, on Facebook. 1. Stop Sending Game Notifications No one cares about Farmville, or Candy Crush Saga, or Angry Birds and Friends. Honestly, nobody […]

  • When Life gives you…

    When Life gives you…

    I was walking downtown Sacramento recently when I noticed a commotion about a block away. It appeared that a man in a yellow tee shirt was giving something away to passersby. I quickened my pace to see what was going on. As I drew closer, the reason for the reaction from those passing by him […]

  • Levitated Crash?

    Levitated Crash?

    Those who live in the rarefied air of the art world can’t seem to help but create fodder for those of us who live in the real world. A prime example is: Levitated Mass, a large-scale “sculpture” by Michael Heizer on the campus of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which consists of a […]

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