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Monkey Pickles is excited about being community supported and building more bridges with our friends and followers through Patreon! We are here to MEET THE...
Household Uses for Boric Acid: Zombie Edition, Zombies, Boric Acid, DIY, Funny, Satire

Household Uses For Boric Acid: Zombie Edition

Just when you think you've gotten then entire house cleaned up, you hear a little wiggle here, a scratch there. Before you know it...
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What’s A Food You Really Hate?

Come on, get it out. Sound off! Vent! If you could, you'd make all of this food disappear forever. What's A Food You Really Hate?  
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Our New Hardshell Pet

We recently acquired a new little pet in our house. We started calling him Richard Petty, Jr.  Don’t be critical – it’s the only NASCAR...
Frosty xmas


Frosty, the snowman was a jolly, happy soul. He liked his eggnog.        
Do's and Dont's of Slow Cooking

Do’s and Don’ts of Slow Cooking

Cooking is great! As you grown into your own as the primary chef of your home and life, you’ll want to explore more and...
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What’s Your Personal Pet Peeve That People Do On Facebook?

Probably nothing in the social media world is worse than the Facebook behavior of some of our "friends." What's Your Personal Pet Peeve That People...
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Roleplaying As A Chicken

What makes RPG games wicked and evil, is when a player wants to take their character escapism to the extreme and develop a character...
Do's and Don'ts of Running A Marathon

Do’s and Don’ts of Running A Marathon

Finishing a marathon and emerging the winner does not just happen. Most people have admired such athletes only to faint at the starting point....
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A 5-Year-Old And A 3-Year-Old Are Upstairs In Their Bedroom

Funny Joke Of The Day A 5-year-old and a 3-year-old are upstairs in their bedroom. "You know what?" says the 5-year-old, "I think it's about time...
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If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

Some people would love to be on the beach, others would like the mountains or the plains. Some might even stay in the cities...
Pop The Cork …

Pop The Cork …

Pop the cork, clink the glasses, pucker up - Happy New Year, everyone!        
Fun Facts, Banana Slugs, Things That Look Like Bananas, Funny Animals

10 Fun Facts About Banana Slugs

Prepare to feel a little queasy next time you see a banana. As if slugs weren't shudder-inducing already, there is a slug that actually...
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Which Superhero Sidekick Would You Want To Be?

Sure, it would be cool to be a superhero. But we aren’t all heroes! Which Superhero Sidekick Would You Want To Be?
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What’s Your Favorite Element From The Periodic Table Of The Elements?

The periodic table of the elements is growing all the time, and every time it grows, some lucky scientists gets to name the newly...
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Bling My Ride

Nothing says, "I'm a rich b*tch" like a blinged-out car. Customized license plate frames, iced-out auto accessories, and cute car seat covers in luxurious...