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14 Simply Awesome Banana Carvings

Have you ever done something like this? What other fruits are good for art projects?
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How’s Your Day Going Today?

Nothing too crazy today! We're just wondering how your day is. What's been good or not-so-good about Friday, July 22?
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3 Reasons To Never Kick A Beer Bottle

You already know not to step on a crack lest your mother suffer major injury. Likewise, you should never kick a beer bottle, but...
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What’s In Your Ideal Fast Food Meal?

July 21 is (unofficially) National Junk Food Day in the U.S. Whether we like Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell or something else entirely, we all...
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The Zoo’s Only Gorilla Dies Right Before The Zoo Opens …

The only gorilla at the zoo dies right before the zoo opens one day. The gorilla is their most popular attraction by far, and...
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What’s The Best Food To Make On A Backyard Grill?

It's grilling season. Summer's in full swing and there's nothing better than the smell of kerosene and charcoal slipping through a neighborhood. Get your...
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Top 7 Reasons To Put A Banana In Your Ear

Putting a banana in your ear may sound silly, but is it really? Is it really and truly something that you shouldn't do, or...
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What’s In Your Pockets Right Now?

Did you leave the house a little too fast this morning? Sometimes we get the things we need (like keys, wallets or phones) in...
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Words That Start With U

U is such a funny letter. You never know whether to take it seriously or whether it’s just a frivolous letter there to make...
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What’s Your Favorite Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant No One Knows About?

We all know the type: Somewhere in your town, there's a little hideaway that's hard to find but is amazingly delicious. If the place...