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10 Funny Words That Start With W

Lots of good words begin with W. Some of them you can use starting today! Others you had better keep under your hat. 1. Wizened Wizen...
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Two Men In A Pickup Truck Drove To A Lumber Yard…

Funny Joke Of The Day Two men in a pickup truck drove to a lumber yard. One of the men walked into the office and said,...
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Innie Or Outie Belly Button?

This is a question that has probably been asked as long as humans have existed. Which is better? Innie Or Outie Belly Button?
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Miranda Sings: Haters Back Off (Netflix Teaser)

Miranda Sings has a new series coming to Netflix. And all the haters can just back off.
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A Local Priest Was Being Honored At A Dinner…

Funny Joke Of The Day A parish priest was being honored at a dinner on the 25th anniversary of his arrival in that parish. A leading local...
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When Snapchat Goes Wrong

To all my Snapchat friends: I am writing this because I feel I should address some misconceptions that have arisen over the past two weeks...
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What’s The Best Way To Handle An Annoying Co-Worker?

Co-workers are never perfect. There's always one who's either too mean or too dumb to know the difference. What's The Best Way To Handle An...
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Jenna Marbles: DIY Wedding Gift

Jenna Marbles is in her best friend's wedding, but she needs a gift to bring!
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Annoying Orange: Super Mario Bros Puns!

It's a pun-tastic attack of puns in Annoying Orange's latest.
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Two Rednecks Are Sitting At Their Favorite Bar Drinking Beer…

Funny Joke Of The Day Two Tennessee Rednecks, Bubba and Jim Bob, are sitting at their favorite bar, drinking beer. Bubba turns to Jim Bob and...