Media Team Overview

The media team will be the “face” of Monkey Pickles to promote the brand by connecting with people online, social media, in-person, and at events to encourage brand awareness and build upon the Monkey Pickles community. While we help promote your own personal brands sharing in revenue.

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The media team will perform the following a range of services on behalf of Monkey Pickles LLC:

  • Promote Monkey Pickles through sharing our story, content, social media with others, online or in-person.
  • Help Monkey Pickles gain email subscribers, social following, and website traffic.
  • Attend and represent Monkey Pickles at designated events
  • Assist in organizing Monkey Pickles events (online and offline)
  • Engage with people/businesses as a Monkey Pickles emissary (online, in-person, etc)
  • Maintain knowledge of Monkey Pickles (i.e. website, social media, gear, events, etc)
  • Be an active member of the Monkey Pickles community

As a Member of The Media Team, you will be..

  • A Natural Promoter! People are interested in your ideas and what you have to say.
  • A Social Butterfly! You are energized by people and love to chat.
  • A Supportive Advocate! We’re looking for a symbiotic relationship with our media team, to help support their business or image goals while they help us meet our goals.
  • A Sense of Humor! Monkey Pickles is a fun community that loves to laugh; you should too!
  • A Positive & Engaging Personality! You maintain a fun, respectable image online and offline.
  • 18 years of age or older and able to commute to different locations for events on your own accord. 21 or older for certain events.

Media Team shall receive:

  • Media team kit will include (shirts, swag, contact cards, stickers, your own landing page to promote you)
  • Revenue sharing of Ads, Affiliates, Sponsorship’s, and Media
  • Shoutouts for your own brand, talents, and your own social media on Monkey Pickles media (advertising and exposure to thousands of new fans!)
  • Event costs covered by Monkey Pickles (where applicable)
  • Percentages of Monkey Pickles events (where applicable)
  • Other tangible or intangibles at the discretion of Monkey Pickles LLC

Well Are You …

Are you a promotional model, spokesmodel, comedian, actor/actress, internet personality, event coordinator, or social media influencer? This brand ambassador position is a great opportunity to add influence and exposure to your own growing brand while helping to promote ours earning revenue along the way.


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