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Can You Eat Too Many Bananas?

You actually can eat too many bananas, but it takes hundreds to be fatal. To get a better idea of their potency and the...
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What’s Your Favorite Color?

There are at least 16 million of them to choose from! What's Your Favorite Color?
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CAPTION CONTEST! WIN a Monkey Pickles Shirt!

Caption Contest!!! Ready to win an Official Monkey Pickles t-shirt? It's so easy a banana could do it. 1. Look at this photo: 2. Caption it before...
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Fun Things To Do After Midnight

It's Tuesday. It's midnight. Infomercials abound, and the thought of twiddling one's thumbs seems so mundane. There are ridiculous things to get into after...
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7 Amazing Banana Beauty Tips

It's here. The Banana Beauty Institute just released this year's guide to the newest banana beauty tips and products. The institute is committed to...
Grilled Cheese on Wheat

Nolan Cheddar

This is great. I have to say my heart sank a little half way through. HAHAHAH You will appreciate this goofballs enjoy.
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What’s The Best Music To Listen To At Work?

Do you go with rock-n-roll? Maybe you keep it classy and calm with some Mozart. What's The Best Music To Listen To At Work?
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My Nose, It Froze

Bill, horn, schnoz, sniffer; nostrils, snuffer, whiffer, nose. Either way, it FROZE.        
Cat Juggling - Animal Juggling

6 Reasons Juggling Cats Is Dangerous

Some people are dog people and some people are cat people; it is simply a fact of life. The thing with dogs is they...

Lindsay Mule-tilates Translation

  Okay! Lindsay didn't get a tattoo but wouldn't that have been hilarious if she had? The problem was the tweeting of the Arabic word habibi ( love,...


We made it through another week !  

Women’s Muscle Building Workout Routine

Here is an example of a generic muscle building workout program designed for women who are looking to build lean body mass in the...
Household Uses for Paprika

Household Uses for Paprika

When you think of paprika, you probably think of spicy and exotic dishes. It's what you use when you want to give those scrambled...
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What to Do When Bored At Work

Typically, a workplace is supposed to be a productive environment; hence, many people never like even the idea of making jokes let alone having...