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Help Cheer Up U.S. Goalie Hope Solo (Funny)

When you're the national team goalie and you let a goal in between your legs, you're bound to feel a little down on yourself....

11 Things You Need if You Are a Member of a Unicorn Fan Club

We all know the Unicorn is the most magical of all mythical animals. They do poop rainbows, after all! So, for all you unicorn...

Top Gear To Become Bop Gear

Jeremy Larkson may soon be unemployed. The main presenter of the laddish car review farce faces dismissal over, of all things, a handout. Prime Minister's...
Monkey Memes

Monkey Memes

Monkey Pickles Makes the Case for Primate Memes Everything is better when monkeys and bananas are involved. That extends to things like internet memes. Forget...
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5 Foolproof Excuses To Get Out Of Jury Duty

Oh no! You have just received the dreaded jury summons in the mail. What now? Whether it’s your first summons or your 30th, most...
Led Zeppelin Plane- Rock & Roll Legends Collectible | Framed Photo Collage Wall Art Decor | Legends Never Die, 11x14-Inch, (16180U)

5 Cool Gifts for Led Zeppelin Fans

Led Zeppelin played music in the blues rock and folk rock genres but are also thought of as progenitors of heavy metal, too. Possibly...
Do's and Don'ts for Drones

Do’s and Don’ts of Drones

There has been a lot of debate about the purpose of drones and how to use them to our advantage. They are used in...
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Two Men In A Pickup Truck Drove To A Lumber Yard…

Funny Joke Of The Day Two men in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck drove to a lumber yard. One of the men walked into the...
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Help Meeee

My favorite smell, next to hot chocolate on a cold day
Monkey Pickles – A Living History from Irrational Geographic

The All New Old Adventures Of George, The Hastily Revised Contrived Giraffe

George woke up all of a sudden. Today his new life began. Never again would he work long hours at the diary delivering absinthe...
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What’s The Best Halloween Costume You Ever Wore?

Superhero? Movie character? Brangelina? Something unique? What's The Best Halloween Costume You Ever Wore?
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What’s Worse: A Loud Pet Or A Stinky Pet?

Some people really hate pets. It isn't their fault. Maybe they just weren't raised around them. But pets definitely can have their bad times. What's...
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How To Be A Millionaire – Made Easy!

May 20th is the official "Be A Millionaire Day". Not just anybody can be a millionaire (and let's be honest, who doesn't want to...
Household Uses for Pineapple

Household Uses for Pineapple

Who among us doesn't love pineapple? Fresh pineapple is sweet with just the right amount of tart flavor, and it's juicy and refreshing. There...
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How Long Did You Use Your Night Light?

Maybe you still use it; that's okay! Not everyone likes the dark. How Long Did You Use Your Night Light?