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How to Make a Tinder Profile

You’ve stayed away from online dating, for the most part. You may have had some good experiences dating through sites like LeoList, but you still want to see what dating on Tinder is all about. After all, you have heard more horror stories than good ones. Your friends have gone out with some real weirdos, such as the girl who inexplicably likes to dump coffee on random people’s heads. But the thing is, the stories were so ridiculous that you actually realized that you were missing out by not joining in on the fun. You wanted some crazy stories of your own! And that’s where you are right now. You’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and make a Tinder profile!

To do this, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A computer or mobile device
  • A Facebook account
  • Pictures of yourself
  • Knowledge about yourself
  • A way with words

If you have all of those things/abilities, you can start making your own Tinder profile and be right there where you want to be – on the road to either true love or something completely ridiculous.

How to Make a Tinder Profile – Link to Facebook

In order to start a Tinder account in the first place, you are going to need to have a Facebook profile. It’s kind of annoying to some people, but you have to understand that Tinder probably does this because there are a ton of people who would create multiple accounts otherwise. Maybe they’ll pretend to live in several different cities at once or create fake accounts with pictures of models posted because catfishing is their favorite thing ever. Whatever their reasons, Tinder doesn’t approve. So pick your favorite Facebook account and link it to your Tinder account in order to get started with the whole process.

How to Make a Tinder Profile – Decide On Your Endgame

Here is the part where you have to do some soul-searching. What do you want out of your experience with Tinder? Are you looking to find true love, someone to grow old with and create a mountain of bananas with, atop which you will live forever and ever in a giant gingerbread house? Or are you just looking to have some fun and get a few good stories about the wackadoos you’re dating out of it? Either way, deciding on your endgame is pretty important here, because it’ll determine what types of people you are trying to attract, which will be good to keep in mind during the next steps of this process.

How to Make a Tinder Profile – Pick Your Best Pics

Ideally, online dating would be all about personality, and looks wouldn’t even enter into it. But the reality is that people are shallow. So pictures actually are important. You want to pick the pics that really represent you as you are trying to project your image on Tinder. You’ll probably get by if you just post a few flattering pics, but why not do something more fun and do a photoshoot of wacky pics so that people really see your sparkling personality? Why not do a few pics of yourself dressed in a pickle costume or yodeling at your dog?

How to Make a Tinder Profile – Write Your Bio

Most people want to show the best versions of themselves to potential dates, and it is possible that you fit into this category. But it is also possible that you are the kind of person who wants your quirks to be out in the open. Maybe you want potential matches to know that you are obsessed with rancid pickle juice or that you save all of your fingernail and toenail clippings in a large bag. So go ahead and write a few short quips about yourself that you think represent you the way you want to be seen by all the lovelies on Tinder.

How to Make a Tinder Profile – Test the Waters

Now that you are done with your Tinder profile, you are ready to see what’s out there. You can just wait for all of your admirers to come to you, or you can send messages yourself and exercise some control over your initial interactions. The one thing you do know is that you’re in for a world of interesting experiences. Maybe you’ll end up going out with a pomegranate salesperson from Fiji, or meeting an escaped convict from your local prison. Or maybe you’ll find that special person who will help you build that quickly rotting banana mountain. Just remember that when dating, don’t hide your interest. Following the advice on DatingPilot, if you are truly interested in a person it’s never a good idea to hide it. Playing hard to get is not as attractive as you might think.

Whatever you do with it, you could potentially have experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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