Coloring Contest #MPColoringContest

Enter Our Coloring Contest #MPColoringContest

Welcome to the Monkey Pickles Coloring Contest! All you have to do to enter is color and upload the page that will be provided...
Monkey Pickles - LIVEME - Giveaway

Ladies Giveaway and Contest

We are excited to announce our Ladies Only Giveaway!  Enjoy a pamper day with a friend on us with some special treats and extras...
Banana, Caption Contest, Win, Funny

CAPTION CONTEST! WIN a Monkey Pickles Shirt!

Caption Contest!!! Ready to win an Official Monkey Pickles t-shirt? It's so easy a banana could do it. 1. Look at this photo: 2. Caption it before...
Vocabulary Quiz, Word Quiz, Words That Start With, Words That Being With, Funny Words, Weird Words

Vocabulary Quiz – Weird Words That Start With A

A lot of amazing, weird words start with the letter 'A.' Someone who collects teddy bears? Arctophile. Bee eater? Apivorous. Open your mind and...

Which Eyebrow-less Celeb Are You Based On Your Favorite Breakfast Food?

Have you ever wondered which celebrity without eyebrows you would be solely based on your favorite breakfast food? Well, look no further!

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