A Close Encouter Of The Starbucks Kind

A Close Encouter Of The Starbucks Kind

He was sitting at his usual spot at the long table in the Starbucks near his office. He went about his usual routine---setting the...
Brad Dassey Rap Song

Brad Dassey RAP Song – Netflix ‘Making A Murderer’

They Didn't Do It Here is an amazing RAP song in regards to Netflix "Making a Murderer" Brad Dassey's rap song published on Jan. 10,...
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What Would You Use A Third Hand For?

We all feel like we're busy and like we have too many things happening at once, right? Wouldn't it be nice to have a...

What If Animals Were Round?

What would the nature be like  if the call of the wild was for pizza? Rollin' Wild gives a not so tiny glimpse into that world. https://youtu.be/_1ON3mC-FzI also...
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How To Do Laundry

Everyone needs to do laundry, but few people really understand how to do it. Why is it that some people walk around with beautifully...
Bomb Pop Day

Float Away on #BombPopDay

BigMouth Inc. Giant Ice Pop Pool Float When swim season heats up, there's nothing like a classic 3-flavor ice pop to cool you down. At...
How To Make Fairy Wings, Fairies, Fairy, Wish

How To Make Fairy Wings

At some point in your life, you’ve probably thought about being a fairy; we all have. Flittering in sunbeams with iridescent fairy wings, drinking...
How To Make Rock Candy

How To Make Rock Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, you probably wouldn't turn down rock candy. But there are a couple of problems with it. First of...
1960s Spiderman Memetage

1960s Spiderman Memetage

Spiderman, My Hero! Who is your favorite old school super hero?
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Monkey Pickles Shoppers

I often think of things to do when out and about that would be fun to do this just adds to the list. We...
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What Really Drives You Nuts At The Coffee Shop?

Every coffee shop has those kind of people. You know, the really terrible ones. What Really Drives You Nuts At The Coffee Shop?
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What’s The Best Ride At The Amusement Park?

Roller coasters are amazing or awful. Some people love haunted houses. Others like the spinny rides. What's The Best Ride At The Amusement Park?
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What Object Would You Remove From The World For One Day?

If the whole world was suddenly missing its shoelaces for a day, imagine the havoc it would cause! What Object Would You Remove From The...
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What’s Something You Can Do Abnormally Well With Your Feet?

Are you one of those people who's always running around barefoot or in flip flops and grabbing stuff with your toes? What's Something You Can Do...
What To Do When Bored At Midnight, What To Do When Bored, Boredom, Things To Do When Bored

What To Do When Bored At Midnight

Being awake at midnight, especially when one everyone else is asleep, can be quite disturbing. However, you need not get bored and start whining...