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Whenever the toilet paper runs out . . . a deep, wide drawer full of spares is within arm's reach. Is it strange that this little...
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What’s Something You Should Never Run Over With Your Car?

There are some obvious things you should never run over with your car, like families of ducks crossing the road and traffic cops. But...
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What Really Drives You Nuts At The Coffee Shop?

Every coffee shop has those kind of people. You know, the really terrible ones. What Really Drives You Nuts At The Coffee Shop?
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9 Fun Things To Do After Getting Married

Marriage is an exciting time for couples. Whether they've been dating 10 years or six months, taking the step of "always and forever" is life-changing....
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What’s The Worst Smell In The World?

Although our noses are amazing, it would be nice if we could turn them off when a bad smell comes around. What's the worst smell...
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What Do Monkeys Eat

Unfortunately for monkeys, there are no all-you-can-eat buffets in the middle of the jungle, which means they have to get creative with their meals....

Brand New Week

Good Morning Picklers!  Isn't It Great To Be Alive!   It's The Start Of A Brand New Week!  
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Who Would Attend Your Dinner Party?

Dinner parties are great, when the company is good. You can invite five people, alive or dead, to your ultimate dinner party. Who's coming to...
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What Movie Would You Like To Live In?

Movies are friggin' awesome. It's why we pay millions to see them, year after year. What Movie Would You Like To Live In?
Monkey Pickles Meme Caption Contest

Monkey Pickles Meme Caption Contest

We had some FUNNY entries for our meme caption contest this week! Thanks to all of our Monkey Picklers who added to the thread on...
Mom Phone Calls

Your Mom Called And Said…..

Your mom just called and she told me to tell you that your dad’s alright and you can call him at the hospital if...
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Researches Just Found 200 Dead Crows On The Freeway Outside Boston…

Funny Joke Of The Day Researchers for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority found over 200 dead crows near greater Boston recently, and there was concern that...
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Every 10 Years, The Monks In The Monastery Can Break Their Vows Of Silence…

Funny Joke Of The Day Every 10 years, the monks in the monastery are allowed to break their vows of silence to speak two words to...
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Hilarious Ventriloquist Act – Nina Conti

Check out Nina Conti, one of the funniest ventriloquists we've seen.