Giant Gummy Bears 8 ft Party Python

We’re sure by now you’ve all seen the Giant Gummy Bear and Giant Gummy Worm, but check out this Giant Gummy Snake! We showed this Giant Gummy Snake to a few of our friends and have included their responses below. Seriously, some days these things write themselves…

  • I didn’t expect it to be so BIG!
  • It’s like a workout to hold it.
  • You want me to put that in my mouth?
  • I thought it would be stickier.
  • It’s HUGE!
  • Keep your giant snake away from me.
  • I want to eat that.
  • That’s long enough to last at least month.
  • I could eat this all day.
  • I don’t think that will fit in my mouth.

Giant Gummy Bears Party Python, 8 ft

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as of September 8, 2023 9:23 am


  • 26 Pounds of Gummy Goodness
  • Almost 8 Feet Long
  • Over 450 Servings
  • Made in USA
  • 12+ Months Shelf Life