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Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat

Uh-oh Spaghettios. The kit gloves are off at Cat Spaghetti Investigations Meowmi when there is a mix up with Detective Mittens's take out.    
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Heisenberg, Ohm And Schrodinger Are In A Car… Funny Joke of the Day

Funny Joke Of The Day   Heisenberg, Ohm and Schrodinger are in a car. They get pulled over. Heisenberg is driving, and the cop asks him, "Do...
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How Many Calories Are In A Banana?

No matter how you like them, everyone likes bananas. They're delicious and yummy and downright scintillating to the taste buds. But how many calories...

Ads That Don’t Make Any Sense: W**kinson’s Sword

Adverts I don't understand: W**kinson's Sword???? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The setting is a launderette. An attractive young lady sitting on top of the driers. No surprise there. Never an...
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How To Win At Checkers Every Time

If chess is the sport of kings, then checkers is the sport of grandpas sitting on front porches. At its core, checkers is basically...
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Pick One To Use For The Rest Of Your Life: Pen Or Pencil?

It's nice to have both, but let's just pretend the alien apocalypse comes a little early and they want all our pencil lead or...
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The Big Banana Car

Have you ever seen the big banana car driving around? Where would you drive the banana car if you had it for a day?
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If You Had To Sit In One Public Place All Day, Where Would It...

Some of us like being out and about, but usually only if we're doing something. But say you couldn't move all day... If You Had...
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I Used To Suck – Why Social Media Interns DON’T WORK! (Without Training)

As Social Media like Facebook and Twitter have become centers for both the consumer and the business to connect, companies of all sizes have...
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What’s Worse: A Really Runny Nose Or Really Bad Breath?

There are lots of ways to create small social awkwardness in your day... What's Worse: A Really Runny Nose Or Really Bad Breath?
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How To Be A Millionaire – Made Easy!

May 20th is the official "Be A Millionaire Day". Not just anybody can be a millionaire (and let's be honest, who doesn't want to...
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During WW2, Three Generals Were Arguing…

During WW2, three generals were arguing who had the bravest soldiers. The British general called one of his men over. “Private! See that nazi tank...
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What’s Your View Look Like Right Now?

You might be sitting at the office like we are. You might be lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Maybe you're riding the...
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What’s Your Go-To Munchie Snack When You Get Hungry?

We all know what the mid-afternoon munchies feel like... What’s Your Go-To Munchie Snack When You Get Hungry?
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How To Play Hearts

The game started being played around the end of the nineteenth century. Since then, it has evolved and spread across the globe. The description...