Not Really What You Wanted, Eh?

Not Really What You Wanted, Eh?

How far away is Christmas? About seven days? More than likely. Anyway, the point of this is to explain how not to act when you...
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36 Life Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Here are 36 quick life hacks that will change the way you survive! Learn how to use soap in the woods, clean your shoes,...
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How Long Can You Go Without Your Phone?

Imagine, as hard as it might be, that your phone stops working. You need to find a replacement eventually, but how long until the...
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What’s The Most Awkward Time To Fart?

It's hard to pick a good time to let one rip... What's The Most Awkward Time To Fart?
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It’s Just Peppermint, Patty!

The woman reclined on the couch in the psychiatrist's office and stared blankly at the ceiling. She knew that she needed help with her addiction...

Batman’s Wings Clipped Flying Coach

"Why should you let me fly? .... Because I'm Batman!" "I'm sorry sir, This ticket is booked under Bruce Wayne." This was the dilemma face by...
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How To Tie A Tie

What makes a person look more professional than a properly tied necktie? Not much, but we're pretty sure accidentally choking yourself with that tie and subsequently...
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A Bookkeeper Cheats a Mafia Godfather – Funny Joke of the Day

Funny Joke of the Day A Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper, Guido, has cheated him out of $10,000,000. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was...
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No, Thank You

Tito Turkey lost his best friend Tom one Thanksgiving. His friend gorged himself every time the farmers came around with food.  Tito realized that the...
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The Adventures Of Sheerluck Jolmes, Part 5: Dancing Sea Monkeys

Previously, on Sheerluck Jolmes: Having sorted out the opium shrimp, Jolmes and Mustrade were attacked by mechanical geese. But quick thinking, quick-enough reflexes and a...
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5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Neighbor

It can be good to be close to your neighbors. Whether you'd like to be able to borrow a cup of sugar whenever you...
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4 Fun Things To Do If You Wake Up Invisible On A Saturday

The last time we woke up invisible on Saturday we had great fun, but it was also catastrophic. So here are some ideas that...
Grilled Cheese on Wheat

Nolan Cheddar

This is great. I have to say my heart sank a little half way through. HAHAHAH You will appreciate this goofballs enjoy.
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Ladies Razor Stops Car Theft!

Her car got broken into. Well, not broken into since it seems she had left the passenger door unlocked. The crime scene seemed a bit...
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If You Could Remove One Letter From The Dictionary, What Would It Be?

Dictionaries are pretty full of nonsense. If You Could Remove One Letter From The Dictionary, What Would It Be?