– Casual Browser Game or Epic Role-Playing Adventure?

Name Your Adventurer.

It’s the first step in any good RPG. You want to feel connected to the character.

Slitherio, Free Browser Game, Fun Games, Fun App, Snake

You’re getting ready to hit the battlefield running; or- uhm- slithering. This is no time for grabbing a snack- this is what you’ve been TRAINING FOR. Don’t you remember?

It’s been… so long…

Nokia Game, Snake, Slitherio, Phone App

Yes, young hero, you DO remember… (unless you were born after 1990). Squinting at black pixels and moving in only 4 directions, you began this quest long ago playing Snake on your 1998 Nokia.

Now, you continue your quest on! And this time… it’s PERSONAL.

Slitherio, Free Games, Browser Games, Fun App

So the adventure continues. Armed with nothing but your grimacing worm mouth, you enter the battlefield.