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Foosball began as a game that brought the fun of European football (Soccer to us Yanks) to your rec room on a table with some rods and little Foosball players, but has become MUCH more than just a fun diversion. You can now follow professional Foosball players as they throw themselves into their snake shots to try and win FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Yes, you read that right; at the Hall of Fame Classic Tournament in Las Vegas, players have a chance at winning huge amounts of money (not to mention killer street cred) by competing in head-to-head Foosball games. Also cool: a portion of the proceeds of the entry fee gets donated to a non-profit organization that helps encourage young players to play Foosball!

We’ve collected some of the best Foosball championship videos to give you a taste of the competition. Enjoy!

Foosball Tournament – 2014 U.S. Foosball World Championship Amateur Doubles

Watch these amateur titans duke it out in a doubles Foosball match!


Foosball Tournament – 2015 New York States Expert Doubles

Watch this intense expert doubles Foosball tournament!


Foosball Tournament – 2013 Illinois State Open Singles Finals

Watch this fast-moving singles Foosball tournament with fancy rod work!

Foosball Tournament – 2012 P4P European Championships Open Doubles in Bonn, Germany

Watch this incredible match-up in this doubles Foosball tournament!



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