Carlos Dangler Keeps It Up

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( aka The Wiener Texts It All … aka Anthorny & Click-A-Picture )

Yes, that’s right folks, it seems that even after strongly implying that he definitely try thinking about possibly stopping maybe, Anthony Wiener didn’t.

But stuff is hard right ? … I mean, … It’s stuff ! … And hard stuff is just the worst.
Still …. that is all the more reason not to take a picture of it & send it to everyone when you’d promised not to.
That is literally being a big phony.

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After catching himself with his own pants down in 2011,

Anthony’s political career was ironically, in the toilet and flushed with success … but, again, only in the toilet sense.
It seemed that the powers that be had decided that there was no place on Capital Hill for a leaky Wiener … except the toilet … but that was never going to be a workable solution, as many members of Congress are really really old.

Wiener reportedly resigned so as to focus upon his family and personal life. Sadly, it seems that to achieve that focus Anthony may have had to use his “doodah” as a range finder and then have his artistic third eye appraised by an independent sexpert … pardon me … expert.

Tragically, it seems all these pressures came to a head mere days before an article on the road back to a reconciled united family life was due to be published in People magazine. Anthony had gotten all texty once again. Speculation that Anthony had been under the impression that the photo shoot had been for Pee-Pee magazine has been widely discredited.

Many commentators don’t feel that the private indiscretions are the contentious issue here but that it is a question of trust. Not that Anthony’s la-la wasn’t trust up securely enough but that this is a case of public trust. Apparently being unable to foresee such political banana skins and then having failed to avoid them not using them to discretely cover up his perpendicular pickle, are the sort of misjudgments that call Anthony’s suitability for a role in public office into question for many people.

Are we being too hard though? And does that make us hypocrites … or is that just the case if we take a picture & send it to the affiliated press.
Maybe, Anthony was confused by the meteoric rise to political stardom of Lyndon B Johnson and felt he needed to pull off a Johnson of his own. After all, President Johnson was in the papers all the time … albeit not tissue papers. Hence, in spite of being well aware that certain pictures would inevitably become public, Anthony may not have seen this as an offence he couldn’t jump clear of even if he did knock off a post on the way to winning the race for Mayor of New York.

There are even characteristics that we should perhaps admire about a running Wiener that can handle plenty of exposure & shows no sign of wilting under pressure. He certainly is exhibiting staying power and, as yet, shows no signs of pulling out because of a sudden rush of blood.

If he wins, hopefully it will be on merit. No one is giving him this job & thankfully no pictures of Anthony being given a job have come to light recently. Anthony’s bid should deliver on issues ( not a typo ) and should not catch the public’s eye with hard to swallow speculation. Speculations such as the plainly ridiculous claims that if victorious, Anthony would renege upon daytime obligations and turn out to be a night mayor.

Whatever will be, will be and, thus far, Anthony Wiener remains in the race to become Mayor Of New York.

Political commentators are hoping there won’t be a photo finish.

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