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The Island Of Misfit Toys (i.e., Unfinished Projects)

As we were driving past the line of brightly lit storefronts,

my son blurted something out from the back seat.

“QUITters Studio???”

I turned my head in the direction where he was looking,
and laughed, as I realized what he saw.

“QUILTers studio,” I corrected.

To him, that did not make one bit of difference.

It was like, “O-kay, sooooooo . . . what’s a QUILters Studio???”

We live in fast-paced, multi-tasking, over-scheduling, overly-competitive(ing)
Northern Virginia . . .
where most of us (in order to “save time”) send our clothing to the cleaners
or the local tailor, just to sew on a missing button.

There are people (around here) who sew QUILTS . . .


This was hard for me to imagine; much less,
try to explain it to my teenage son.
But, suddenly, I found myself having fun
imagining what a “QUITters Studio” would be like.

I envisioned a room FILLED with unfinished projects:
a portrait painting with barely a face, a knitted sweater with no arms,
a wooden chair with not enough legs, a metal clock with no hands . . .

(think “Island of Misfit Toys”)

a speckled wall that still needs painting,
piles of papers that still need filing,
kitchen chairs that need tightening,
a broken bookshelf that needs repairing . . .

Ohhhh, WAIT.

That’s MY HOUSE.

And, that’s when a brilliant thought
came over me.

I should start charging money every time someone enters my home!

“Welcome to my home!” I would say.
“Please enjoy and appreciate my unfinished projects!
And, don’t forget to enjoy the unfinished cookies
and coffee, as well!”

Technically, though, “unfinished” is not the same as “quitting”.

I do intend to finish those projects . . .
some day.

Maybe, after Christmas.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll just finish the answer to my son’s question:

“A quilters studio is a place that sells materials to people
who like to make quilts.”

“What KIND of quilts?” he asked.

“You know, like . . . blankets, comforters, bedspreads, duvets . . . ”
I responded.

Then, with a serious look on his face, he asked,

“Can’t they just go to Bed, Bath & Beyond?”





Best Buy Co, Inc.

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