National Hot Chocolate Month

hot chocolate, winter

Baby, it cooold outside.

Yeah fool it is.  So go pour me a cup of hot coco.  The winter is miserable.  It is cold.  Your appendages get numb the minute you go outside.  Your car feels like a frozen tomb until the heat kicks in.  If you get snow where you live, you have to shovel that crap out of your drive ways and walk ways.  December really is the month all this gets started.  But one thing that comes with December that we all can enjoy is,

  A big warm cup of hot chocolate.

After you come in from the wintery Hades, get your jammies on and make the house/apartment/trailer nice and toasty.  Warm some milk on the stove, pour it into your favorite mug that has the chocolate waiting to get warm itself.  Add some tiny marshmallows and watch them melt into warm gooey sensation.  Then sit back with your loved ones, sip away and let that tasty chocolaty goodness warm chase the cold winter blues away.