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What is is a fun live broadcasting community that focuses on real-time hilarity and entertainment. It includes many features that will appeal to users of all ages; the broadcasters (or livecasters as they are know on can use Snapchat-esque filters as they are livestreaming, and is based around a system of digital “gifts” that users and livecasters can give to each other for great content, engagement, and overall community-oriented behavior. For example, a user can click the “treasure chest” virtual gift, and the people who are currently in the livestream can snatch up coins (if they are quick enough! The coins are limited to a select number of people).

What Are The Gifts In

The gifts in are a fun way to show some love to another livecaster while you are in their livestream. The gifts in are simple and useful; coins purchase gifts, gifts are gifted to livecasters, accumulated gifts are turned into diamonds, and those diamonds… can be turned into cold hard cash. Now, nothing is THAT easy, there are probably not many people who become rich enough livecasting on to quit their day jobs. There are exchange rates, a minimum diamond amount before cashing out, and other rules to actually making dolla bills. Overall, the gifts in are an in-app currency that can help you gain recognition and followers, and maybe even a little street cred.

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Why Should I Try

Like it or not, livestreaming is taking over social media. With many social media sites and apps gravitating toward the idea of multimedia content, had settled into a niche for content that is not just contemporary; the content is LITERALLY happening at the moment, and is seen in real time across the globe. If you are in the social media game in any way, presents an exclusive opportunity to promote yourself to new heights by engaging with users in a new, fun way. You can also see if there are livecasters in your area! Instead of Tinder or Craigslist for meeting new friends, how fun would it be to see other peeps in real time and skip all the vain posturing that comes with posting an “ad” for yourself? If you love gaming streams like Twitch, is implementing a live stream component for phone games and apps, allowing livecasters to live stream their phone screens as they play!

Monkey Pickles on!

We are pickled green to be on; it’s a fun, random community of goofballs- of COURSE we love it! Experiencing someone else’s life on for a few moments a day broadens horizons, humanizes people from all walks of life and age ranges, and is downright entertaining. Join us on and get to know Monkey Pickles! Our founder will be doing periodic livestreams, with funny content, Q & A sessions, virtual gifts AND Monkey Pickles gear giveaways, and MORE. We’d love to have you join us and tell us a joke!

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