What To Do With Your Used Wedding Dress

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So you just got married … congratulations! Once the honeymoon phase is over, you’ll probably start to wonder what you should do with that big white wedding dress that was so, so expensive that you might have got from somewhere similar to Winnie Couture (https://www.winniecouture.com/stores/wedding-dresses-charlotte-nc/).

You could just stick in a closet for a few years or try selling it on eBay or at a consignment store for a fraction of what you paid for it. But if you’d rather do something a bit different with it, there are a lot of great options.

Make Doilies

Any good crafter would tell you that all the lace and white fabric in your wedding dress is perfect for divvying up into fun doilies. Place them all over the house to remember your big wedding day. Give them as gifts to the mothers on both sides. (Everyone wants a piece of you, anyway, right?) Or donate them to Goodwill. You could probably do all of the above and still have some leftover for yourself. A wedding dress is bound to make a lot of doilies.

Make Homemade Dog Toys

Many dogs love things that crinkle, and most wedding dresses are packed with crinoline. Cut that wedding dress up, sew it into fun shapes and toss them to the pups! Your dog will love shredding that expensive dress, and you’ll either laugh or cry while watching. It’s guaranteed to be an emotional moment either way.

Or, you could take a page from a few celebrities and marry your dog off to her best suitor; she’ll look wonderful in your gown! Cut some leg holes in the bodice and a tail hole in the back. You might need to trim up the train a bit, but she and her groom will enjoy tearing it apart on the wedding bed if they can restrain themselves that long.

Make Curtains

Wedding dress curtains, how fun! Any room in the house will get a lift with fancy wedding dress curtains. That glow, that shine, that sparkle! The living room, the bedroom, even the spare room will look beautiful with a set of these curtains.

Make Halloween Costumes

Why not relive your big day again on Halloween? Just go as your bride-to-be self. You’ll be sure to get all the attention for the entire night. If people start ignoring you, bump into someone drinking wine and make them clumsily spill their wine on you.

You’ll get lots of sympathy and a worried crowd will assemble. You’ll act sad, but you’re really just prepping for going as a zombie bride next year. Seriously, you can run this thing for a long time … as long as you fit into the dress, really.

Make A New Dress

Yes, it’s already a dress but what if you could turn it into an art piece and wear it again? Grab your paints, put the dress on an easel, and go to town! Let your inner Jackson Pollock out!

And there’s really no reason to stop with just one layer of paint. Add a little more paint every time you want to wear it so you never have to wear the same dress twice. Make it a family heirloom. Future archaeologists will have to cut through layers and layers of what will be a lumpy, misshapen mass to try to figure out what’s inside. I’ve heard of some people even renting their dresses out that they have made out of dresses. But others decide to just rent out their dress instead from websites similar to thevolte.com.

Make A Kite

A wedding dress kite would be awesome. Tie a cord to it and go catch some wind. You’ll also catch some stares, but that doesn’t matter — you’re already married!