How To Shave (And Have Fun Doing It!)

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The human body sports nearly five million hairs, and they’re all craving attention. From your chin to your armpits to your most sensitive private areas, those hairs are begging to be tugged … pulled … and oh yes, trimmed. In the mood or not, it’s your job to satisfy the cravings of your skin and rid its explosive need to be smoothed. It is time to give your skin what it needs: a hairless contour.

Shaving shouldn’t be a chore. Make it the kind of experience that excites your skin and wakes it to new feelings. Have you ever seen (or should I say do you know) that there are people that have a fetish about shaving others? I’m sure you could find some examples on sites like or others. Anyhow here are some tips to get you started.

Hard And Sharp Gets It Done

No one likes a wimpy razor. Soft and dull isn’t going to get the job done and could leave you disappointed and a bit frustrated. Always pull the sharpest, sturdiest razor from the drawer. It is the only way to guarantee the outcome you need.

Foreplay Is The Rule

A satisfying shave always begins with preparation. You can’t jump straight into a shave. Your skin needs to be teased a bit. Use a facial cleanser to soften the skin and bring protein to the hair follicles. This will wake them up and get them ready for the job ahead.

Using Your Fingers Often Isn’t Enough

Your fingers do a good job of getting that shaving gel into your skin, but it just isn’t satisfying enough. Your skin craves more, so much more. Forcing that cream into the hair follicles with a badger brush will bring your shave to a whole new level.

Slow And Steady

Sometimes shaving just feels more like a chore than an experience to be savored. It isn’t something that can — or should — be done quickly. Take your time. Let yourself enjoy every moment of the experience. A rushed job is not going to feel as good as it should. It may not even end in an explosion of satisfaction, but rather with a thud of disappointment. Take it slow and easy and enjoy every minute.

Go Against The Grain

There are a lot of positions you can use when shaving. Choosing one is a very personal thing. But most experts agree that the best way to get the most out of the experience is to go against the grain of hair growth. This allows the shaver to catch the most hairs.

Hot And Cold

Not all shaving experiences give you what you need — some leave you craving for more. If you find your shaving experiences lacking, you may want to try this simple trick: Make it hot and moist. To guarantee success, always begin with a hot moist towel over the skin to help awaken hair follicles. Once the shave is complete, end with a cool (or even cold) wash, leaving your skin feeling tingling and happy.

Shaving does not have to become a mundane act that you do because it is expected. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience. Day or night, you just might discover that it is something you look forward to.