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5 Memes About Your Hedonism and Laziness

We know you’re skating by on your good looks and charming wit. While others toil over menial tasks, you sit back and chuckle to yourself about how these silly peons work themselves to the bone- meanwhile, you’ve somehow been able to relegate all of your work to the mindless worker bees.

You love comfort, excess, and putting in the least amount of effort possible. When someone suggests doing something even remotely physically or mentally draining, you immediately veto.

Cute dog in tub
When everyone is working hard and playing hard, you’re working and playing to fit whatever suits your current mood; after all, immediate gratification is the best reward a hedonist could ask for.

hedonism and laziness meme
You look for the most pleasure-inducing route to every path. Obstacles should not exist. You’ve got a one-way ticket to Smileville, population: you and your favorite pizza.

Memes about being hedonistic and lazyWe commend you, sirs and madams, who have perfected the art of hedonism and laziness to its highest form. Let’s celebrate you and your avoidance of work and love of life’s pleasures.

Memes about hedonism and lazy

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