Do’s and Don’ts of Gym Etiquette

Do's and Don'ts of Gym Etiquette

With fitness being the latest trend, everybody wants to hit the gym. Some are there to lose weight, and some want to get muscular, while others just want to stay fit. Although it’s no black-tie event, it is still a public place and calls for a certain etiquette to be followed. You don’t have to feel shy if it’s your first time or if you don’t have a great body. Everyone had to start somewhere, some may follow their sarms guide (a supplement tailored to their body) to get themselves started at the gym. This really gives you a kick of energy to push harder. Here is a handy guide that will tell you what kind of conduct you need to have at the gym. Follow these simple rules, and you will look like you belong and become everybody’s favorite musclehead.

DO Dress Appropriately

We know you would like to be like Selena Gomez. Or Brad Pitt. But here is the thing – you don’t have to be dressed like you’re going to the opera. A gym is more of a Tarzan’s ground. Nobody comes to a gym fully dressed. And it doesn’t hurt, to wear the same smelly clothes you wore yesterday. Girls dig that. The smell of work out sweat is an absolute turn on for them. Wearing your deodorant will only make you look like you’re trying to pile on. A gym is not a place where you smell good. It’s the place where you sweat it out – and no, unless you stink like a guinea pig, people would not bother.

DON’T Take Turns

And as soon as you get your turn on a machine, never leave. You didn’t wait this long just to let go in a few minutes. Make good use of the equipment especially when you see there’s an audience. Work out for as long as you like until you are drenched in sweat. Add some more weights, and leave them there when you are done. It makes the other person who can’t lift them look like a total loser, and you emerge a star.

DO Make Loud Noises

If you don’t, how are the other gym-goers going to know how much of a stud you are? It won’t hurt so much to go a little beyond your capacity. Swing the equipment with all your strength. Howl like a bear or grunt like a gorilla, use every bit of strength you have and push your limits. You don’t have to work on putting the equipment back to the ground. Just let it drop. If you are noisy, it means you are training with full dedication and you also get more attention from the ladies.

DON’T Feel Uncomfortable

Nobody started out perfectly fit – not even Vin Diesel. It takes time to have a chiseled body, and it’s okay if you do not yet have it.

Locker rooms and steam rooms are a place to mingle with people and chat. You don’t have to feel shy just because you are not fully dressed, because so is everybody. Use this time to make friends. You could also start by giving them advice or telling them how you have benefited from being a regular, the trainer isn’t always around. Be a good Samaritan! Go ahead and give them a piece of your mind.