How To Make A GIF

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With the rise of the meme wars and the need for ever more powerful viral images, more and more people are turning to potential of GIFs to change the world. If you aren’t familiar with this file format, you are in for one serious surprise with this guide today. Put in the easiest terms imaginable: GIFs are wizardry at their very best. They can amaze crowds, shape perception, and even direct the course of history itself.

Yet, if you’ve never made a GIF yourself, you need a trusted source to get started. And right now, we’re going to learn all the necessary steps to make a prize-winning GIF of your very own. Strap yourself in and get ready to become a meme-tastic GIF maker with the ability to transform reality into a tiny little image of moving pictures that you can share with your friends!

How to make a GIF – Find the most amazing, the most interesting thing ever!

Because GIFs are founded on internet magic, you can’t just choose any old subject. After all, think about the GIFs you’ve likely seen. They were probably of cute little cats playing together, people dancing and having fun, or something truly crazy and outrageous. GIFs aren’t just any old sequence of images; they’re a progression of the most amazing and the most interesting things ever in all of history. If you choose the wrong subject, one that’s boring or unworthy, you’ll find that you can’t even make a GIF at all.

How to make a GIF – Drive your subject crazy by taking lots of video of them

To make a GIF, you need some video, and using your smartphone’s video camera is perfectly acceptable in this case. But when you go to make your GIF, you want to ensure that you have plenty of footage to work with. You’re making a masterpiece of internet perfection here! Whether you’ve chosen the hilarious way your dog eats a banana or the bizarre way your best friend celebrate their birthday, you’ll want to make them enact the scene over and over and over again. This way, you’re promised to get the very best material to create your final GIF.

How to make a GIF – Pirate a version of Photoshop like ASAP

Don’t have Photoshop? No problem! Along with distributing all our magical GIFs, the Internet was literally created for getting free stuff. Simply hack a version of Photoshop with your l33t hax(x)or skills you picked up on your last trip to the bowels of the Dark Web. One simple crack, and you’re in! Of course, if you have yet to acquire these much coveted elite computer skills, simply search for some of the legitimately free GIF conversion website that will let you create your GIF quickly and without fear of arrest.

How to make a GIF – Tap into your inner Picasso by taking opium

We have no idea if Picasso was really an opium addict, but hey, art’s all about getting creative and more often than not, getting high as a kite in the process. And for our treasured piece of digital art, we want—no, we need—nothing short of our most creative peak possible. Beyond all the fluff and gimmicks, you’re struggling to become a recognized Internet artist with your GIFs, and that means getting in touch with your inner artist to create the best GIF in all of recorded history.

How to make a GIF – Share your GIF a million times with everyone

Once you’ve either used Photoshop’s GIF conversion choice or dropped your footage into an online GIF converter, you’re set for our very final step. As a soon-to-be-famous Internet artist, the Michelangelo of the Modern Age, you need to get sharing. This means posting your GIF to social media sites across the Internet, sharing it with all your friends and family, and of course, harassing strangers with your smartphone to show them what you’ve created. No one’s ever seen anything like it! And now, you’re going to show it to them.