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Welcome To Monkey In A Dryer

What Is Monkey in a Dryer?

Monkey in a Dryer is a Minneapolis-based screen printing and custom embroidery firm dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of customer service. It offers a wide range of awesome custom tote bags, tees, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and more to help your group, club, team, or staff look great.

How Did Monkey in a Dryer Get Started?

MIAD’s founder, DustinCropsBoy, originally started designing shirts for groups and Star Wars aficionados as a hobby in the early-2000s. When he realized that the screen printing business he had hired to print the designs he created was making a higher profit than he was, DCB decided to purchase his own equipment. At that point, he had already worked for a screen printer and in graphic design for years and felt he had a basic enough understanding of the process that to build a business upon it.

Thus, Monkey in a Dryer was born.

After a few years of taking odd printing jobs and completing the work in his garage, DCB decided it was time to grow. His wife, Drea, became involved in promoting the website through online marketing, which allowed MIAD to really expand. She also took over customer service and support, a position she was far more talented at than DCB. In 2004, DCB was able to quit his cushy full-time job to devote his time to making Monkey in a Dryer what it is today.

How Has Monkey in a Dryer Grown?Monkey In a Dryer

Growth is Monkey in a Dryer’s key to provided the highest quality products and design services for its clients. A physical store location opened around the same time MIAD added custom embroidery as an option for customers.

Monkey in a Dryer also offers a full-service website that allows customers to get an instantaneous project quote, something most screen printing services do not currently offer. It is this attention to detail and desire to help make the process as easy as possible for the customer that sets MIAD apart from most of its competitors. One of the facets of the business that DCB is most proud of is that it provides a wide range of designs to help many different types of customers suit their needs instead of focusing solely on one type of apparel.

Each year, Monkey in a Dryer continues to grow. MIAD hopes to open a second location in St. Paul and another in Las Vegas in the future.

Who is Monkey in a Dryer’s Team?

MIAD currently employs two full-time staff members and one part-time staff member.

Season is Monkey in a Dryer’s full-time embroidery goddess extraordinaire and store manager. (At least, that’s her technical title.) After DCB and Drea discovered Season working in a mall shop, they asked her for valuable advice about adding embroidery to their business. Her honest answers and wonderful demeanor led to MIAD hiring her and the rest is history.

Stephan is a highly talented, full-time illustrator who brings an unparalleled level of creativity to the company. His vision and genius are the main reasons why Monkey in a Dryer felt he would be an asset to the firm and its clients.

Abigail is MIAD’s part-time employee. She is highly intelligent and serves as an assistant to Season, helping with screen printing and embroidery projects.


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