Roleplaying As A Chicken

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What makes RPG games wicked and evil, is when a player wants to take their character escapism to the extreme and develop a character based on animals. Not wanting to become an Elven Ranger with a pet, Or a Human Wizard with a familiar. But to Actually to roleplay as a Monkey, A chicken, Hog, Within a PnP or PC multiplayer game.

No one really lasts long

in a RPG as a benign animal species. Sure such games are placed into a sci-fi or Fantasy setting. Yes, the Game Master could go along with a Chicken having magical powers of speech and claws like velociraptor dinosaurs. But for the love of the dear gods, WHY? Besides “you really want to” at the expense of others wanting to do a multi player game also?

As a Game Master,

it is a task to keep the game fun for everybody. Your fun is just as important also to find the right group to game with. If you do not storyline a random boulder falling from the sky for Chicken Little, then perhaps the other players that decide to be Half-Orcs being true to their characters will destroy hours of character building for the super chicken in one single role of the dice.