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20 Funny Words That End With -ing

20 Funny Words That End With -ing


Let’s get cracking, that’s cracking good. Cracking is the new adjective for everything that’s good. If you can describe it as being cracking, well then, you’re on to something really cracking brilliant.


“Look at him guzzling that beer.” If you’re guzzling anything, it must be super great. After all, there aren’t many things you’d even want to guzzle. You’d never guzzle water. “Boy, she’s really guzzling that water.” Not.

Of course you might have a gas guzzler of a car. But you yourself wouldn’t want to guzzle gas, right?


Let’s be honest. If you’re muddling through something, you’re not exactly giving it your all. I mean, you’re not really pushing yourself to the limits if you’re muddling through that presentation.


Okay, you’ve muddled your way through the presentation and managed not to get yourself fired. Now you’re plodding your way along until you can make it to the Christmas holiday where hopefully your boss will give you that bonus you’ve been counting on to pay for your kid’s braces. Keep on plodding, bro.


Who are you kidding? You’ve been plodding along, trying to keep in the background, while all along, you know it’s just been a charade. Don’t try to kid a kidder. Funny, though. An actual kid is a child Billy goat. Is that you? A Billy goat in disguise, trying to fool the powers that be.


Well, it looks like there’s been some real mucking up. If you’ve mucked it up, there’s a real mess that you’ve left behind. Muck is muck. It’s muddy, wet and messy. If your boss tells you at your six month progress report interview that you’ve been mucking it up, well, it’s time to cut back on that cable television package, I’ll tell you what.


So, you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night. A couple of your wife’s friends are coming over to play cards and shoot the breeze. What could possibly go wrong? Except that you took it upon yourself to tell one of your wife’s friend’s husbands how he shouldn’t let his wife walk all over him the way he has. How he should stand up for himself! Now, the wife is at your house, in your living room, standing in front of your chair telling you how your meddling has ruined her marriage. Your meddling. What a puddle of a mess.

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