Is Your Computer Making You Depressed?

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Are you depressed

about the sorry state of your life? Do you think you are boring and all your friends are out partying, and enjoying the life you want? Think again.

It may be your social media activity that is making you delusional and depressed.

According to Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, Facebook users get depressed when they see “all the wonderful things their friends are doing”.

You come home at night, log on to Facebook and see that one of your friends is going to Tahiti for 68 days. You feel bad about the state of your life.

Three of your friends posted pictures of themselves smiling at the local bar. You were sitting at home. Alone.

It seems everyone is doing something exciting – except you. You are living a boring life and sink deeper with each post by your friends.

Here’s a clue.

People on Facebook lie just like they do on dating sites.

Yup. You heard it here. Not everything you read on Facebook is the truth.

I know that comes as a shock, but it might be the very shock that rattles you out of your depression.