Household Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Household Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil. Just the name alone sounds soothing. Every word in the name sounds like something healing when you think about it. You may not have any tea trees around so that you would be able to make it from scratch, but you can buy tea tree oil at the store. Yes, yes, you ALWAYS make everything from scratch, even those rhubarb and duck meat cupcakes that you think all your friends love. But you’ll have to get over that here. Just go out and buy some tea tree oil, and you’ll be able to do so much with it that you’ll forget the insult to your pride that is the fact that you didn’t make it yourself.

Rub It On Yourself Before Going to The Gym!

Tea tree oil is known to be soothing to sore muscles. And when you go to the gym and push yourself really hard because you’re trying to impress that girl who works at the store that sells dog hair scarves, you will almost definitely end up with sore muscles after your workout. A lot of people would advise you to rub the tea tree oil on yourself after your workout (mixing it with another oil because its concentrated form can irritate the skin), but why not do it before the workout? Now you can actually be proactive rather than reactive and fight that soreness before it even happens! And a bonus – with your skin all oiled up going to the gym, you’ll look like those models on the posters that are plastered all over the place at your gym! Someone at the gym who happens to be a talent agent may even mistake you for one of those models and offer you a modeling job!

Make Your Skin More Interesting!

Many people complain that tea tree oil irritates their skin, so they won’t apply it to the skin without combining it with some other ingredient. But why does this have to be a bad thing? If you have really boring, bland skin, why not do something to change it up? Rub some tea tree oil on it and let it have whatever effect it’s going to have, whether it be itching, redness, what have you. The effect on its own, in combination with whatever scratching, poking, and prodding you are going to be doing in the area of application, can only make your skin more interesting to look at! Would you rather look at ordinary, boring skin or skin that looks like a relief map of a whole bunch of volcanoes? Sure, it won’t feel great on the skin, but just try it and see for yourself that the effect on your visual experience makes up for the pain!

Clean Up Your Trees!

Doesn’t it annoy you when you see otherwise perfectly good trees covered in feathery green crap? Tea tree oil is great for getting rid of mildew and toenail fungus, so why not try it on the fungus that is making your trees so unsightly that you took 27 vacations last year just because you couldn’t stand looking at them? You can’t afford to take that many vacations this year, so why not try dealing with the problem instead? If anything, this stuff should work better on the trees than on your nails because it comes from trees itself! Pour tea tree oil all over the fungus on your trees every single day and see what happens. You should see a huge improvement in not just the way your trees look but also in how you feel. Having more attractive surroundings will make you so much calmer that it will be like a balm for your soul as well.

Create an Oil Painting!

You’ve always had an artistic streak, and you’ve dabbled in painting in the past. You have oil paintings on your wall that were made by a bunch of people whose names you don’t even know, so don’t you think it’s time you added one from yourself to the mix? Most people would recommend that you use refined linseed oil to make your own oil paints, but you can try using tea tree oil instead. Blend it with the pigments that your heart desires, and then let your creative side take over. You can paint whatever you want! You can paint a gaggle of geese taking a puppy to the circus, or you can choose to paint a picture of yourself sleeping with your head in your cat’s litterbox. Perhaps the best part is that you’ll know that this painting was created using something that has strong therapeutic properties. If you have skin problems, you can rub your skin on it. If you have a sore throat, you can lick it. What could be better than that?