400 $1 Bills

400 $1 Bills

Stacy makes a living teaching science to young children using Bill Nye,

Science Guy and Mr. Wizard type demonstrations. Here real passion is comedy though. She performs evenings and weekends at various comedy venues around the Milwaukee(Wisconsin) area, looking for the big break which will get her on Leno or Fallon—making her an “overnight” sensation. While she waits for her big comedy career break, she ends up in the middle of strange and bizarre situations. Here is one of those situations.

One recent evening, Stacy was waiting in line at her favorite liquor store,

waiting to pay for that evening’s bottle of wine. On the counter was a hand-written signs, common in many local mom-and-pop establishments, which read: “We need $ingle$”. Suddenly and without warning, a man’s voice boomed out from behind her, “Do you need singles? I have 400 in my truck.”

Stacy turned and looked.

The man was nondescript, dressed everyday clothes nothing like an armored car drivers uniform or anything.

Stacy turned back towards the front so not as to draw the man’s attention but, as she stepped up to the counter and paid for her wine, she wondered to herself, “Why?!? Why would someone have four hundred $1 bills in his truck?”

Stacy finished paying for her wine and left the store.

In her head, she mentally made a list of the possibilities for having four hundred $1 bills in your truck: Big night with the guys at the local strip club canceled at the last minute, the guy ran a successful vending machine business, planning a marathon bus trip on the local public transportation system, drug dealing, angry about a government fine or traffic ticket and wanted going the use as a form of protest when paying it.

Stacy realized the list was endless if you thought about it.

She made a mental note to herself to write down the incident when she got home(and before she started drinking the wine) so she could work it into her stand-up act. Maybe it would be a great follow up to her vagina stories. Hmmmmmmmmm!