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Monkey Pickles Gaming Community

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Do you love games? Of course you do. Tons of people love games like League of Legends with Unranked LoL Accounts or something similar. You most likely spend all of your free time playing games, and if you’re not playing them then chances are you’re researching the games as you’ll be wanting to play them to the best of your abilities. You’ll probably be trying to find out more about your character skills in games like ‘The Outer World’ or other similar games. And when you’re not researching the game your playing you are probably looking at the accompanying electronics on websites like gear surfer to keep up to date with the latest products. Games bring people together, create memories, and – in the case of playing Monopoly – make lots and lots of enemies who may never talk to you again. The point is, when we’re playing games, we’re connecting, communicating, and building relationships with people: this is the foundation of which Monkey Pickles is built upon!

We’ve taken our love of gaming to a new level, and we want YOU to be involved on the front lines as our brand ambassadors!

We’re looking for online gamers who would represent the Monkey Pickles community of fun-loving goofballs. If you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore gaming enthusiast who loves humor, WE WANT YOU!

We’ll create a guild name for you to be part of, you rack up some high scores and in-game accreditation, and we’ll give you a sponsorship:

  • Fuel for in-game purchases (i.e. iTunes cards, Google Play cards, etc.)
  • Monkey Pickles gear (shirts, etc.)
  • Shout Outs (on our site, social media, etc.)
  • Other cool stuff

To start with, we’d like your opinion on the games you play that could house a Monkey Pickles guild! Please see the form below to cast your vote, or write in YOUR choice (after all, you’re going to be the ambassador), and…


High fives all around, right? That’s what we’re all about. Stay tuned for more information about our gaming team, and vote below!

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Monkey Pickles
Monkey Pickles
Monkey Pickles is a fun social media humor community centered on everyday nonsense. We base our humor in our community, reactions and comments. We enjoy building a community of friends not just followers. If you haven't laughed yet today, something is wrong!
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