In The Beginning

Monkey Pickles Idea

Where did this Community, and the coolest group of people come from?


In a far away land there once was a silly phrase called Monkey Pickles that coincided with “Bananas” and after being used several times for witty humor in causal conversation with friends, family and colleagues in December of  2008.   One man trapped in a mental box working a corporate position and yearning for a new hobby or something fun to learn.  An idea began to form with this funny phrase of Monkey Pickles…

Then drifting through the land of the internet and finding a mental osasis at low and behold was available.  A thought turned into a new possible ball of fun.. “You know it would be fun to learn some graphics or web design.”  So that man purchased and heck maybe we should purchase a few other of these .net .org thing-ma jigs just in case some witty people decide they also like that phrase.

Did we know what were were going to do with it? nope didn’t even know the first thing about what a domain name even was.  Jan. 2009 went down in History…  Now what?  We probably should read some help tutorials and start figuring something out.  I don’t have the first clue what I’m going to do with what I just bought or what it even means Yet…..

I know lets buy a book 3 weeks later the Missing Manual HTML ..  the Story begins…  February of 2009 we burned through highlighters learned some new terms and still didn’t have clue what we were going to do but we were excited about learning a whole new world.


  1. I pickled a monkey once but this place is far better than that experience. Thanks so much for being the one to get me to say Monkey Pickles at least once a day! It’s all your fault…

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