Top 7 Ways To Use Pickleball Paddles

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Pickleball is a fun game that combines badminton, tennis and table tennis. It’s a fun sport to play with friends, especially in the summer. But when summer’s over, what happens to the pickleball paddles? Do the paddles get stuffed in a closet, never to see the light of day until next summer? Of course not. Here are seven alternative ways pickleball paddles can be used.

1. Spanking

Pickleball paddles punish naughty adults. A pickleball paddle is the perfect tool for the job. The lightweight material lets the misbehaving adult know they’re in trouble without actually hurting them.

2. Starting A Sorority Or Fraternity

A pickleball paddle is a great start for any sorority or fraternity. ¬†Fraternity and sorority members have personalized wooden paddles that are decorated with the Greek symbols of the group and the name of the member. But why aren’t they using pickleball paddles? Pickleball paddles can also be decorated and used for sports (whether that’s pickleball or spanking).

3. Coat Rack

For this idea, you’ll need a helping of DIY juice. First, attach a coat hook to the paddle. (You can really do this to any part of the paddle, although we suggest the handle.) Next, hold the paddle flat against the wall and pound a nail through the body of the paddle. Bam! That’s a nifty coat rack you’ve got there. Repeat for as many coats as you have in the house.

4. Tubing Oars

Paddles transform into great tubing oars. (Not the adrenaline-packed tubing where someone flies through the air behind a speedboat.) They make great oars for the tubing where someone floats aimlessly down a lazy river. With a paddle, they will float with slight purpose. A pickleball paddle in the water is much more dignified than splashing the water with your hand to steer.

5. Fending Off House Cats

If you’re boating or canoeing out in the wild, you might be forced to use your oars in self defense against large animals like bears. (Good luck!) While a pickleball paddle would prove useless against a bear, it could effectively fend off an attack by a house cat. No guarantees against feral cats, rabid cats or extra-sneaky cats.

6. Table Tennis

A game of table tennis could sometimes use a bit of spicing up. A rule change, a change of venue, or even a change in equipment make the game interesting. Swap out the regular paddle with a pickleball paddle. If that isn’t spicy enough for you, you can always play in the nude.

7. Floating Drink Holder

Depending on the material the paddle is made of, it could float in water. Carve out a shallow area in the paddle big enough for a can or glass to sit in comfortably. Place the paddle in the pool and it becomes a floating drink holder. You’re all set for an enjoyable afternoon.