The 5 Best Animal Selfies On The Interwebz

squirrel selfie, animal selfies

You’ll never believe these crazy animal selfies. Check out our top five favorite animal selfies of all time!

5. The Corgi Selfie

corgi selfie
Via corginthecity

It’s Momo the Corgi birthday again and she takes a corgi selfie to document the day! According to her instagram she is afraid of heights, is a stealth ninja, and loves to chase laser pointers. Who let the dogs out?


4. The Kitten Selfie

kitten selfie
Via Imgur

Little kitten is competing with the family dog today with this inexplicably cute kitten selfie. Has she out-cuted the dog? You be the judge.

3. The Kangaroo Selfie

kangaroo selfie
Via Imgur

True to his Australian nature, this kangaroo (not to be confused with wallaby) might have had a couple too many drinks last night. This intoxicated kangaroo selfie is brought to you by Budweiser.


3. The Sloth 

sloth selfie
Via Imgur

Sloth Selfie in a box. Need I say more?


1. Squirrel Selfie

squirrel selfie
Via Imgur

I think this squirrel has had too much coffee, don’t you?