5 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Money On Your Pets

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Few things in life match the devotion of a pet owner. From pampering pet spas to luxurious pet furniture, the market for companion animal products is booming. The same goes for online blogs, which offer tips and tricks to help with your four-legged friends! One being, https://www.petblog.co.uk which helps pet owners on a daily basis with great online content. While it’s all well and good to lavish your furry friends in luxury, here are a few signs you’ve taken things a bit too far.

1. Catalog Collections

When your shopping progresses from a casual trip down the pet supply aisle to dedicated catalogs full of automatic water fountains and tiny dog sweaters, you might have a problem. What starts out as a few stray catalogs can quickly progress to the point where you’re using stacks of PetEdge magazine as a replacement for furniture. Yes, it’s creative. No, it’s not a good idea.

2. Your Pet Is An Authorized User On Your Credit Card

You might trust Spot and Fluffy to keep your home safe from the mailman, but the line has to be drawn at your finances. If your keep finding surprise purchases of treats and toys on your credit card, it’s time for a financial intervention. (Maybe also consider grounding your pets from the internet or taking away their cell phones for a while.)

3. There’s Always A Package In The Mail

This is a problem for several reasons, not the least of which is the age-old rivalry between the average dog and the fleet of package delivery drivers responsible for bringing the aforementioned automatic water fountains to your door. For your financial well-being and your pet’s sanity, limit your pet shopping to physical retailers.

4. Your Pet Products Have Their Own Room

There are plenty of valid uses for a spare room, but storing an overflow of pet products generally isn’t considered to be one of them. With all the extra space, you could even give your pet his or her own bedroom.

5. Your Pet Products Have Insurance

Pet insurance – from somewhere like Pets Best – is a practical investment that can help make the cost of vet bills and other reasonable expenses more affordable. On the other hand, when your cat has an insurance policy on his luxury cat condo, things have gone too far.

If you can check off any of the above warning signs, you just might be spending too much money on your pets. The good news is that once you’ve kicked your pet overspending habit, there are plenty of other worthwhile causes to which you can contribute your paycheck. With the excess funds, you could easily start your own artisan soap-making business or even invest in a practical and cost-effective banana car.