6 Questionable Pet Names

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When naming a pet there are no rules. The fact is that many pets are adopted and renamed with new identities loved by the whole family. Questionable pet names do persist, nevertheless. You know the old adage: never provide a pet with a name that cannot be uttered in polite company. The following is a guide to six questionable pet names or naming issues that may arise when selecting a lasting legacy for your pet.

The Guide to 6 Questionable Pet Names


A name coinciding with raucous laughter, this name and others pertaining to bodily functions are cute, yet attract maybe too much attention. Pets have feelings too. Consider the consequences of a dog or cat laughed at continuously. Some furry friends may even resort to hiding to avoid being gawked at and made fun of.

Chairman Meow

A take on the famous Marxist ruler of China, Chairman Mao, this once counterpart of President Richard Nixon conjures up stereotypes. Some may enjoy the prestige of this name, however. If your little communist seems is a Siamese it is likely that this name will have some appeal.

Lil’ Terrorist

In an age of terror, traveling pets are subject to scrutiny. Do not put yourself in the position to be calling out to a pet with a name that includes the word “terror” or any related term. While seemingly benign in everyday life, once in transport hubs this name could cause serious confusion and even delays in your itinerary.

Port Authority

Similar to names related to terror, any name associated with law enforcement is a bad idea. If a pet is booked on a flight, and is somehow lost, do not add to the perils of a lost pet with the very authority that is there to assist.


A tongue twister is fun, but could lead to a problem at the vet. If a pet’s medical record is filed under such a name it is unique. However, be aware that even the most meticulous spellers could get this rather outrageous name wrong. Protect your pet with a name that is original, yet suitable for license tag inscription and other identification.

Tape WOrm

Yikes! This name is a public health offense. Everyone will be backing away in horror from a pet with the nomenclature of this dreaded, highly contagious disease. Have a heart, and think of others when naming your pet. A healthy name is the best way of respecting everyone around you and your fun loving animal.