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10 Funny Words That Start With I

The trouble with the capital letter I is that it can easily be mistaken for the lowercase letter l in the alphabet. See? Right there, I bet you couldn’t tell if I was writing l or I. Or the number 1. Wouldn’t it be awful to be like the letter I and be completely indecipherable from another letter plus a number?

1. Ignoramus

If you call someone an ignoramus, they won’t even feel bad because a real ignoramus won’t know what it means.

2. Idolatrous

Are you a big fan of Oprah? Can’t get enough of Gerard Butler? Do you look up to Morgan Freeman like he’s the next best thing to the real God? Then you are idolatrous. You excessively adoring fan, you.

3. Imbecilic

I don’t feel this is a necessary word. It’s bad enough being called an imbecile without then being described as imbecilic. I mean, that could hurt a guy’s feelings.

4. Imprudent

I mean, waddaya want? First you say I’m a prude, then you say I’m not prudent enough!

5. Inexperienced

Actually, people don’t say this anymore. They just say “noob.” Imagine a job posting: “Manager wanted. No noobs need apply.”

6. Ichthyic

Ichthyic means piscine. Do you understand now? Is it perfectly clear? Something fishy is going on. That’s a clue.

7. Indubitably

Indubitably, my dear Watson, indubitably. If you use this word, you’d better make sure you practice it at home. It’s a real tongue twister. If you mess it up you won’t sound like Sherlock; you’ll just sound like a noob.

8. Indiscreet

Being indiscreet means you can’t keep a secret. Which means you and I should get together for a nice long chat.

9. Infallible

If someone says you’re infallible, it means you can’t make a mistake. But if you’re human (which you probably are if you’re reading this), then you definitely make mistakes sometimes. Which means that person was being sarcastic. And fallible.

10. Inharmonic

You might think that inharmonic means that you’re “in-harmonic,” or in harmony. Nope. It’s the opposite. It means you’re not in harmony. If you have a singing part in the school chorus, you should check your microphone, because if you’re inharmonic, chances are someone took the batteries out.

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