A Pastor Bikes To His Friend’s House Every Monday…

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Funny Joke Of The Day

A pastor bikes to his friend’s house every Monday. One Monday, the pastor shows up three hours later than usual. His friend asks, “Why were you so late today?”

The pastor replies, “My bike was stolen so I had to walk here.”

His friend thinks for a minute and says, “I know how you can get your bike back. Next Sunday, preach on the Ten Commandments. When you get to ‘Thou shall not steal,’ look at the congregation for anyone who looks guilty. That’s the person who stole your bike.”

The following Monday, the pastor shows up at his friend’s house on his bike. “Good news! I followed your advice and preached on the Ten Commandments,” said the pastor. “But when I got to ‘Thou shall not commit adultery,’ I remembered where I left my bike.”

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