A Man Phones The House And The Maid Answers…

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Funny Joke Of The Day

A man phones the house and the maid picks up the phone. He asks the maid where the wife is. The maid says the wife is in bed with another man.

After a long pause, the man gathers himself together. He asks the maid to do a favor for him and promises her $100,000. He asks her to go to his study room and to get a gun from the cabinet table and to shoot both the woman and the man.

The maid puts down the phone. After a minute or two, the man can hear two gunshots in the background.

The maid is panting and distressed. She picks up the phone again. “Now what?” she asks, a little panicky. The man tells her to dump the bodies in the pool.

“Pool?” the maid asks. “You don’t have a pool.”

The man is silent for a minute. “Oh, sorry, wrong number.”

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