When Scented Markers Meet Good Grades And Bad Grades

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Instead of grading papers with the traditional letter grades, some students are smelling their papers to see if they made the grade or if they stunk. This sensational new grading method teaches students that the better their work, the sweeter the smell. It also allows parents to get more nosy with their kids’ progress.

Thanks to a set of scented markers and the idea of Miss Olfactory Honker, this new grading system is being smell-tested at Nebraska’s StinkinLincoln Elementary School. Here are the scented markers smelling things up in Miss Honker’s class.

1. Sweet Smell Of Success Apple Cinnamon (A+)

This bright red marker is the best of the best when it comes to making the grade. This special scented marker is reserved for students with a perfect score. The marker is an irresistible combo of sweet apples and spicy cinnamon to reward the student for outstanding work.

2.  Almost But Not Quite Sugared Almonds (A-)

This pink marker tells (or smells) the students they did a pretty good-smelling job but that if they worked just a little harder they could have earned a perfect score. These markers are sweetly scented with almonds, vanilla and a hint of sugar to entice the students to work harder.

3. Better Luck Next Time Buttered Popcorn (B+)

This gray marker smells just like a movie theater to remind the students that there are no do-overs in this life, but there are opportunities to be the star of your own movie, get better and learn from your mistakes. Yes, B+ is a good grade, but an A is even butter.

4.  Been There Done That Bad Breath (B-)

This blue marker is one you don’t want to get too close to. Bad breath was selected for a B- because it can be improved with a little more effort. Just like a breath mint or piece of gum fixes bad breath, a few more hours of studying can improve a grade.

5.  Take The Cake (C+)

This purple marker is a sign that tells students, “Hey, average isn’t bad, but you can do better.” Just like being average, everyone can eat cake, but it takes hard work and determination to be better than a typical cake. This marker smells just like a cake baking in the oven.

6. Cat Litter Box (C-)

This black marker is a sign that a student’s work is really stinky, just like a dirty kitty litter box. Unlike a cat, you can’t walk away from the litter box of your bad marks. You need to fix it yourself so your grades don’t stink!

7.  Dirty Feet Disaster (D+)

This silvery marker smells just like an old pair of overused sneakers. This marker signifies that even though the work stinks, there is hope for the student to try again and give it a fresh start.

8.  Down In The Trash Dump (D-)

This special dark brown marker smells like trash on a hot summer day and signifies to the students that they need to either clean up their act or ask for help to take the trash out and start fresh with a better (and cleaner) attitude.

9.  Fell Flat On My Face Farty Pants (F)

This green marker is the stinkiest of them all. It smells just like farts and signifies that turning your farts into fuel to get you moving again is the way to go. Never give up on yourself and neither will your farty pants.