10 Great Amish Pick Up Lines

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Going to an Amish barn dance later? Then you’ll need your finest footwear, a potato sack dress, and a list of Amish pick up lines to woo your vintage suitor. Don’t forget to sway modestly to the hymns and don’t show too much ankle!


Great Amish Pick Up Lines

Do you come to this barn often?

Does your field need plowing?

Why don’t you come by around 8, bring a fresh bottle of buttermilk, and we’ll sit silently amongst my large family.

Would you like to see my well?

I’d totally get shunned for you.

When we’re not together I churn for you.

Want to raise a barn with me? It builds community.

I own many acres of fertile land in Pennsylvania

That modestly drab brown dress really brings out your eyes.

Will you churn my butter for me?


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