What To Do When Bored At College

What To Do When Bored At College, Things To Do When Bored, Boredom, What To Do At College

College should be the best time of your life. This is the time when you break hearts the most or have your heart broken into thousands of pieces. This is the time to get drunk, pass out on the walkway and people will actually clap and say how COOL that is. This means that being crazy in college makes feel great. However, there comes a time when students run out of bonkers ideas and end up being as bored as their lecturers. So what are some of the things you can do to lighten up your spirit and make your college life count? Here is a look at the things to do when bored at college.

Sit In A Class You Are Not Taking

Lecturers from famous public figures, historians, and artists can come visiting colleges. So if someone can come to your school to pay a visit and teach, what harm will it do to also pay a visit to a new class and understand nothing? So if you are a medical student, you can attend an engineering class and enjoy the figures and measurements as they fly past your blank head. This is simply the best way you can get rid of a boring afternoon at college.

Go To A Prof’s House For Dinner

Students are as innocent as they are perceived. So no one will judge you when decide to get crush the lecturer’s sumptuous dinner. It is simple, after the lessons are over and all the professors have left the school, it is your opportune moment to strike. Go straight to the lecturer’s door and knock. When he/she opens the door, look lost. Let them notice you are famished while still at the door; here is the trick: make sure your lips are dry and cracked. Look like you haven’t eaten in days. Let them see how much you really NEED the dinner and you won’t even need to ask for some food! It’s pretty nice to not eat ramen for a night, eh?

Film A Video

Friends are the only people who can add some fun into your miserable college life. And there is no better way to have fun with friends than filming a video. It is simple, you can have an already existing script and re-enact or simply improvise. When two or more silly brains are put together, the explosion can be louder than a land mine.

The best way to go about filming is recording yourselves recreating a popular music video. This means adding all sorts of crazy stuff in there and being as stupid as possible, like you are being paid for it. This is in fact a great way to bring friends together and get creative. You can add some fun to it by posting it online and waiting for reactions from the public.

Video technology can not only used for fun and games while at college but can also be an incredibly useful educational tool. See here to find out how video for education can be best utilized.

Flirt With The Hottest Person On Campus

When you are totally, completely bored, walk up to the hottest guy in the entire campus or the most beautiful lady and flirt. If he/she is way out of your league the better. This is simply tasting the waters. You know you can never win him/her over and so you are simply having fun. This will take a lot of courage, but for SURE your boredom will be cured by your anxiety level rising beyond capacity.