What To Do When Bored At Bedtime

What To Do When Bored At Bedtime, Things To Do When Bored, What To Do At Bedtime

There are fun things you can do that will get rid of the boredom at bedtime and keep you occupied as to not disturb anyone else in the household. The best part is that you won’t get bored when you repeat these activities over and over again, even on your 8,324th night of not getting any sleep! Next time you are bored while trying to get some shuteye, read over our list for What To Do When Bored At Bedtime!

Stand Up and Dance

Whether you have two left feet or have locked knees, dancing alone in your room always looks professional. Take some time and listen to how professional dancers started dancing. You will be surprised that you have been on the right track all along. Just kidding, no professional dancer started dancing in a boring night. But who knows, you can be the first one!

Your bedtime is probably boring because you have boring and strict people in the house who don’t want to have some fun. So when dancing in your room, make sure you keep it low. You don’t want to wake the people who made it boring in the first place. It is always good to travel to your own world and have some fun there. So put on those headphones and get low to your favorite jams.

Watch A Foreign Film… Without Subtitles

This doesn’t make sense right? It shouldn’t. In fact, that’s the fun part of it. Doing something that doesn’t make sense makes you look stupid and that’s what brightens up the night—being stupid. The best movie you can ever watch is a French movie. Fast forward to scenes that have arguments. It is completely hilarious to watch two or more French men arguing. The words always come out wrong whether you understand the meanings or not. And you must have a lot of energy within you to argue in French. The words are so heavy.

Dress Up

As strange as this may sound, you must kick that boredom out of your bed. And what better way to do that than dressing up and doing your make up like you are going somewhere. You can’t go out with your hair looking all messed up. So yes, you must also do your hair. By the way, have you ever tried dressing up in the dark and then surprise yourself by switching on the light? Great idea isn’t it? So try and do that. You will be surprised how good you will look. In fact, you will be tempted to go out in the middle of the night.

Act Out A Movie

If you can’t get some sleep then it means you should try out the life of a star. Celebrities don’t sleep. Would you sleep if you had millions of followers on Twitter or Facebook? And who would even think about sleeping with a Lamborghini parked in the compound? So be a star and act out your favorite movie in bed.

Pick up roles and multitasks. If you like the bitter exchange of words between Brad and Angelina going back and forth in Mr. and Mrs. Smith then do that. Take up the role and be the star. You can also make it more fun by recording this outrageous bedroom movie.