The Translation Wheel

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This Translation Wheel remains

the most creative attempt to prevent gaming piracy. These Paper wheels came with the purchase of Gamefest Forgotten Realms Classics,a bundled collection of RPG games from SSI (“Strategic simulations Inc”)

The outer part of the wheel depicts what resembles ancient Norse runic symbols that are original to the language within the game’s settings. The Espruar and Dethek Languages are based on fictional regions of the lands within the Forgotten Realms.

During the installation process

of the games, you are requested to enter codes to complete the installation process. The in game screen will direct you to some of the runic symbols. You move the inner part of the wheel with a slight spin then the papers align to reveal a code through the wheel’s small windows. These translation wheels have remained the most fascinating gaming codes I’ve ever seen.

Now get your hopes up folks for some amazing Rosetta Stone styled secret Monkey Pickles messages of our own.

1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.E 6.F 7.G 8.H 9.I 10.J 11.K 12.L 13.M 14.N 15.O 16.P 17.Q 18.R 19.S 20.T 21.U 22.V 23.W 24.X 25.Y 26.Z

September Secret Monkey Pickles Code: 15 22 1 12 20 9 14 5 19 21 3 11 19

Ok, maybe not the Rosetta Stone since it was about multicultural tax agreements. Let’s see how many of you can solve this easy code. Post your decoding below.