3 N(utrient)s Of Everyday Life: Networking, New Experiences & New People

networking, new experiences, new people, nutrients, good business practices

(Staring at my keyboard, wondering what I should type versus whats in my head today)
It’s cold out, we just got two feet of snow and I’m stranded at my house, because the highway will fail me if I try to maneuver my way over to Maple Grove for our Monday Morning Meeting. I will work from home then and be successful in my journey of getting a number of things accomplished. Starting with words of inspiration (or so I hope).

Let me get to the point and then backtrack. I would not be where I am today if I didn’t allow myself to experience things that others may consider a waist of time. Being open and (may I say) curious about new things even though they might “scare” you, will end up being the most worthwhile adventures you’ll ever experience (as long as you go into them with an open mind and positive attitude).

…Now to backtrack to prove a point…

Back in May of 2011, I decided to pursue modeling more seriously then ever in my life. I did not go into modeling because I saw myself as a famous runway model one day. My first motivation was my friend out in Boston trying it out and I wanted to show my support for her. My second motivation really was curiosity. When I was in High School, I posed for a prom magazine and ended up on the cover. I was intrigued by this type of career, after talking with the other models at the shoot. It’s funny to think back and realize that my other motivation was to get to know the industry to hopefully meet new people, never expecting anything to come of it.

I’ve met so many amazing people through this journey and if it wouldn’t have been for modeling I would not have landed the amazing job I am in today along with previous jobs.

To make a long story short I met WSI through modeling, I’ve been able to make extra cash on the side and if I would have never met Doug (a photographer) I would have never known about Monkey Pickles or Huntz or any of this!

As a model you start out at ground zero and you have to work your way up. You do a TON of gigs for free, donating your time to practice and create images both you and the photographer are happy with. Shoots don’t just last an hour, I’ve have done 5 – 8 hour days of modeling with and without a break. If you come to the shoot or the promo gig with a positive attitude and open mind you might just meet someone that can one day offer you a dream job or introduce you to someone that knows someone and so on. Networking, New Experiences & New People…

It’s about doing the things that you are hesitant about; expanding your network and sphere of influence. The world becomes a lot smaller when you know more people. I have met hundreds of people through modeling, you need to find something you are excited about outside of an office that will allow you to meet new people, gain new experiences and overall make you happy.

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