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My Humans! (Opening Scenes From A Work In Progress)

Opens with a pitch black screen.

LENA (o.s.)
Connie! Missy! Time to get up!
Breakfast in fifteen minutes!
Come on, girls. Getting moving.

Simulation of eyes opening. Camera has perspective of MISSY’s POV. The first thing she sees is her sister, CONNIE, in the bed next to her own.

MISSY (v.o.)
That is my sister, Connie. Like
me, she is ten years old. To be
truthful, I am a few weeks older
than her. Mom and dad adopted me
when I was a month old, three days
before she was born.

CONNIE opens her eyes and smiles at MISSY.

Morning, Miss.

MISSY (v.o.)
Good morning, Con.

LENA (o.s.)
Girls, get moving.

Okay, mom. We’re awake.

MISSY (v.o.)
Speak for yourself, sister.


Camera has perspective of MISSY’s POV.

She looks around the table from her seat as the rest of the family eats breakfast.
MISSY (v.o.)
(looking across
the table at CONNIE)
Let me introduce my family. There’s Connie, of course.
(perspective changes simulating head turn)
That’s my dad, Brian. He is an insurance agent.
(perspective changes again)
And that is mom, Lena. She works part-time as a hair stylist and
takes care of our house. She also substitutes occasionally as a
lunch room lady at Connie’s school. Oh, and she also home-schools me.

Missy, if you’re done eating, do me a favor and get my keys. I
left them in the bathroom.

Camera continues from MISSY’s POV

as she gets off her chair and heads down the hallway to the bathroom. She pushes open the door and enters the bathroom. MISSY sees the keys on the sink. She walks over and reaches for the keys. It is at this point that we see MISSY’s reflection in the mirror on the wall and realize for the first time that she is a black and white pit bull.

MISSY (v.o.)
Okay, so I forgot to mention an important fact.
My name is Missy, and I am a Pit Bull.

LENA (o.s.)
Missy, hurry up with my keys!

MISSY (v.o.)
(grabs keys with teeth)
Coming, mom!





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Monkey Pickles
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