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Can We Talk? Small Costs Of College

I would love to know who decided to make a code for mathematics online class $154

when we college students are already paying around $250 per class session, per semester. It’s like putting paying for extra class!

We pay around seven to eight thousand dollars a semester to attend this beautiful university. It is already hard to pay for it, but let’s talk about how we pay for our text books.

Could someone tell to me who is holding the pistol to the book sellers heads,

telling them to “make this paperback astronomy text-book $124″.
Some of you may be thinking, “Well, you can always rent.” This is true, however, renting policies are getting stricter and stricter, “oh you can always post-it notes” parents will say.
Oh yeah, I’ll end up buying $50 worth of post-it notes and rent the book for $78, that brings me back to the $120 for the book (plus eight bucks),  which makes me think I should have just bought the book, wrote in it, and sold it back. Then I get $78 for it. Yes, that is the way it works.


Could someone explain to me why to get a math code, for the online part of the class,

costs half the as much as it costs to take the course itself?
Why a paper back communications book cost $130 with a $5 fee (WTF?)
An astronomy book is $124
A math code is about 134
Can someone tell me, who decided to charge students twice as much for food on campus?
A 5 ounce bottle of Ny-Quill (or another medicines), $8+ (if you want to go to health services, they’ll charge you 25-$50 on top of what they are charging your insurance company to diagnose you incorrectly)
A 4 pack of mechanical pencils, $5
Generic shampoo $5+
Water 3+

It may seem useless complaining about how expensive these items are,

but it isn’t useless when you are clearly being overcharged for an $8 bottle of NY-quill that you can buy for $3 at a Wal-Mart.

The world is an ocean, and college students are at the very bottom, we are bottom feeders. We are the things that suck on the glass on a fish tank. Free Ramen, yes please. Free t-shirt, hell yeah! Coupon book, I just hit the fucking jack pot.

A lot of students pay for their text books by picking up a job on campus, most jobs on campus are working at fast  food places where you aren’t supposed to work more than 20 hours a week, yet the companies have students working 40.

In college, your parents want to teach you responsibility,

they want you to be on your own and see the world for what it is. The simple fact that we, students, are trying to better our lives by getting an education is wonderful. However the undercurrent is what drowns most.

A Major undercurrent in college are the fees that some students don’t think of. Getting sick, getting hurt, accidentally ordering the wrong book and not knowing you aren’t going to get your money back, how many sticky notes, index card and pens you’ll go though in a week, chap Sticky, batteries, dry erase markers and a play you must attend.
When you go, or if you go to college, make sure you keep an extra five hundred in your bank account, anything can happen and you will be scraping up quarters for laundry if you aren’t ready.

College students are constantly on the struggle bus, we just wanna get off. Next stop please.






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