How to Make Dry Ice

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Today, it’s time for a terrific educational journey into the world of science with the creation of dry ice. This extraordinary substance isn’t just entertaining, it’s also miraculously smart! Once you’ve made a block or two, you’ll be feeling exceptionally brainy and well-educated. Genius! At your next dinner party, you’ll be impressing young and old alike as you tell them about your harrowing experiments in making dry ice yourself, right at home. You’ll be the life of the party, and after you’ve mastered the process, you can even take some dry ice with you to really impress everyone with your scholarly skills!

How to Make Dry Ice – Suit Up in an Extra Heavy-Duty Hazmat Suit and Grab Your Pillow Case

You’ve probably heard that touching dry ice can lead to frostbite and other hideously awful wounds that may scare you. The fact of the matter is that dry ice is the stuff of advanced research and cutting-edge tech. So of course, it’s a little dangerous. With that in mind, we’ll need the thickest and heaviest hazmat suit you can find. And also… a pillow case. Once you suit up, you’ll look exactly like an extraterrestrial traveler on their way to beg for Halloween candy, but trust us, this is the foolproof way to make dry ice.

How to Make Dry Ice – Prepare Your Laboratory By Watching Movies About Mad Scientists

By making dry ice, you’ve embarked on an immeasurable voyage to becoming a mad scientist. By just reading this, you’ve been inducted into the official Hall of Insanely Evil Masterminds. There’s only one thing left to do once you’ve become such a character… christened your laboratory by watching movies about mad scientists. Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll, and Beaker (you know the Muppet from Sesame Street). You’ll learn all the trusted tips and tricks from the foremost authorities in concocting breakthrough science. Once you’ve watched a few, you’ll be ready for our next step.

How to Make Dry Ice – Discharge, Discharge, Discharge!

Grab a fire extinguisher, because we’re going to have at it. Most people aren’t aware of this fact, but these flame suppressors are a quick and simple means to dry ice. We love that they’re easy to acquire and just as easy to use. When you have one secured, head back to your mad laboratory, place the nozzle of the extinguisher in the pillow case, wrap it tightly with some duct tape, and hit that discharge button! To ensure that you’re making the coldest dry ice possible, make sure you discharge all the extinguisher while shouting phrases like, “My evil plan, my gloriously evil plan!”

How to Make Dry Ice – Shake It Like It’s Hot, Because It’s Way, Way Cold

After you’re done spraying, you’ll want to remove the fire extinguisher from the pillow case, but not before our next step here. Because dry ice represents the very epitome of human progress in science, you don’t want to waste even a single flake of it. So shake it like it’s hot, because this stuff is the coldest substance on earth! By shaking your pillow case and extinguisher just a bit, you’ll be getting any flecks of dry ice that might have gotten stuck on the nozzle or at the top of the pillow case.

How to Make Dry Ice – Get Dolled Up and Go to Your Nearest Rave

You’ve got dry ice! But it’s not really authentic dry ice until you visit your local rave. You see, that mystic smoke that emanates from dry ice can only be released at sanctioned events. If raves aren’t your thing, there’s a few alternatives that are permitted. You can also visit your local haunted house or horror show. Concerts, theater productions, and school science shows are also allowed. The point is, however, that until you visit one of these, you don’t really have true dry ice, and yours won’t be as cold.