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Household Uses for Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover makes life a lot easier for people who like to paint their nails. If you don’t use it, you’re doomed to have to wait until your nails grow out or just scrape the polish off your nails although it doesn’t really work if you have had an accident with your nail polish, then you’ll have to go hunting for how to get nail polish out of carpet that opens a whole other can of worms. With nail polish remover, you can just easily wipe off the old stuff and put those cartoon pickle decals on your fingernails right away. And even more than this, you can do so many other things with nail polish remover that you would not have expected at all. After this, you’ll never see a bottle of this solution again without being absolutely in awe.

Strip Paint from Your Walls!

You likely know that the number one purpose of nail polish remover is to remove nail polish from nails. But since it is so great at removing that paint, why not extend its use to removing paint from your walls? Most people just paint over colors that they don’t like or no longer want, but don’t you ever worry that when you do that, it makes your room smaller and smaller every time? Obviously not by a lot each time, but if you do it over and over, it’ll make it so that your room is literally filled with layers and layers of dry paint and you’ll have to find away to shrink your body to even be able to fit into it. That’s no good, so why not just remove the paint that’s there?

So get bottles and bottles of nail polish remover and just splash them all over your walls. Get some rags, and wipe off all the paint that’s there until you have nothing but a bare wall that is a perfect canvas for your mural of monkeys looking in mirrors!

Sanitize Your Dishes!

A major ingredient in nail polish remover is acetone. Acetone is used as a sanitizer for all sorts of things, including lab equipment. If it’s good enough for lab equipment, isn’t it good enough for your dishes? So next time you wash your dishes, toss some nail polish remover on top of the clean dishes. It’ll get them even cleaner, so that you are able to eat from dishes knowing that they have been sanitized according to topnotch standards.

In fact, why not go even further? If you want a clean house, don’t even bother actually mopping and wiping everything down. Just get several bottles of nail polish remover, open them up, and splash them all over your house. You’ll still have dirt all over the place from that time you let a pack of wild dogs run through your house, but at least the parts of the floor without dirt will be sparkling clean!

Pull Things Apart!

The same way nail polish remover dissolves nail polish, it can also dissolve glue, including Superglue. So if you have any items in your home that are put together using glue, you can take them apart using nail polish remover! It doesn’t matter what the items are, just anything that you feel like taking apart. If you have three pieces of cardboard that are stuck together and that you would like to pull apart, now you can rest assured that you can! Even though it would be easier to just buy new cardboard, won’t you feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you went to all of this effort to pull THESE pieces of cardboard apart?

Of course, this method won’t work with things that are put together using nails and screws. In those cases, all the nail polish remover will do is get the screws and nails really clean. Which actually isn’t all that bad either. So go ahead, use the nail polish remover on those things too!

Clean Yourself Up!

You like taking showers, but your water bill is always so high. Did you ever consider just using nail polish remover instead of taking showers or baths? All you need to do is douse yourself in the stuff everyday and you’ll be set to go. When you think about it, it’s much easier this way. Instead of having to get into the bathtub, scrub yourself down with soap and water, and dry yourself off, now all you have to do is just soak yourself with nail polish remover. You don’t even have to take off your clothes beforehand. Just throw the nail polish remover onto yourself while you’re wearing your pantsuit that’s covered in hearts, stars and horse-shoes, clovers and blue-moons…pots of gold and rainbows, and tasty red balloons. In fact, that’s even better because it’ll end up cleaning your clothes too. Now you don’t have to do laundry anymore either! SCORE!

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