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Household Uses For Glucose


What’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear the word “Glucose?” Diabetes! Well, glucose is much more than that. It is a great energy source used all over the world to get some instant energy or recharge the energy levels in the body. But the word glucose may sound a bit scary to you because you have seen the doctors putting glucose into your grandma’s body with needles. Don’t worry! That’s not the only way to get glucose in your body; neither is glucose used only to gain energy. So, if you have some spare glucose powder in your home and you are needing a pick-me-up, you can put that glucose to good use.

Winning the Race

Let me guess, you have a crush on some sweet girl in your class. And just when you were about to let her know how you’re feeling, your romantic rival interfered. He challenged you to a race and the winner gets to woo the girl. But, you are a bit slow runner compared to him. How to beat him and win the girl?

Take some glucose just before the start of the race. Glucose not only provides you with energy, but also starts to burn the fat in your body and give it a little more oxygen. With so many chemical reactions going on inside your body, you will become like a battery from the outside and may be able to complete the race a second faster than usual. I hope that is enough for you to win the race and the girl.

Win the Spicy Meal Challenge

Glucose has a sweet taste. So, why not put into good use and cheat a little bit? Eat a good amount of glucose before sitting in a spicy meal eating competition. The glucose will get converted into sugar after some time and with so much sweetness already inside your body, how can anyone beat you now? Eat all the spice you want now and you won’t be feeling any heat or burning inside your body, because glucose has this COVERED. Smart! No?

Fool Your Parents

Answer honestly! If I put two containers in front of you; one containing salt and one containing sugar, would you be able to tell the difference without tasting it? No! Nice way to trick people, isn’t it now?

So, next time you are in the kitchen with your mom and she is preparing something salty but you like sweet better. Trick your mom and change the container of salt with the glucose one. Your mom wouldn’t found out about it (it’s a 40 – 60 chance when it comes to mothers; they are pretty cunning) and you will have your dish as sweet as you like it.

Win a Boxing Match

When it comes to boxing, it’s all about stamina more than strength. So, if you are in a boxing match and want to hold an upper hand over your opponent, instead of using some drug and risk the chances of getting disqualified and shamed, use glucose. As everybody knows, glucose is an awesome source of energy.

So drink some glucose water and feel super charged before your boxing match. Then go ahead and ram your opponent in front of your crush to impress her. I bet you never knew glucose can help you in so many ways to impress your girl! Did you?

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