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Household Uses For Enzymes

Do you know what enzymes are? Scientifically speaking, they are biological catalysts which can catalyze or accelerate chemical reactions. Normally speaking, enzymes are some sort of chemicals mixed with other chemicals to do some jobs faster and better.

There are many ways you can put these enzymes to a very creative use. Enzymes are used extensively specially in pharma industry for a wide variety of uses because of its many beneficial factors. But, if you are a science geek and have some spare enzymes at your disposal, you can employ the below methods to put those enzymes to a great use.

Fuel Your Vehicle On The Cheap

Bioethanol is a clean and environment friendly biofuel which has gain widespread popularity for its ability to power vehicles when mixed with petrol. And yes- it also contains enzymes in it. Wait, what? We can actually run our vehicle using some enzymes and we are spending so much our money on petrol and diesels? Shame! Don’t be like those folks and start pouring enzymes on your favorite can and motorcycle to ride them to glory! Isn’t it great? You are saving money, saving environment, saving fuel and going on long drives with your bae at the same time. I bet you wish now that you had paid some attention to your science classes in school days.

Start Your Own Beer Brand

Alcohol, beer, wines, scotches etc. are all available to us because of the existence of the enzymes in nature. Yes! Food items like beer, wine, cheese and vinegar are produced for a long time now using the enzymes present in yeast and bacteria. But, you don’t need those micro-organisms now that you have your own supply of enzymes to you.

What are you waiting for then? Get out of your sweatpants and mix some grapes with the enzymes and after some days, you have your own home produced beer or wine ready to be tasted. But, it’s better to let your buddies taste it first just to be safe you know.

Wash Your Clothes

Believe it or not, the detergents you use to clean your clothes contain enzymes in it. So, if you are at a hostel far away from your home having spent all your pocket money on some other essentials like chicken and beverages and now need something to wash your clothes. Just go to your high school lab, pick up some enzymes, bring it home and pour it on your clothes to wash them clean. Now the only way to test the effectiveness of this method is by becoming the first genius in the world to perform this experiment, so go ahead and do it. And who knows? You may have your own detergent brand in the market tomorrow.

Clean Your Bin

Feeling too lazy to go out and to throw off the contents of your dustbin which is filled beyond its capacity now? There is an enzymic solution to that too! Enzymes are the stuffs which digest and decompose the food in our stomach. Enzymes have strong decomposing properties which can be put to creative uses by you in case you are feeling too lazy or too creative. Just pour some enzymes in your dustbin and close it. Check it after few days and Ta Da! All the organic waste is gone.

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