Household Uses For Charcoal

Household Uses for Charcoal, Ways to Use Charcoal, Charcoal Uses, Funny, Satire

Using charcoal for uses other than pouring into your grill for a juicy steak seems odd, but chances are you have been staring at the giant bag of charcoal you bought when it was on sale at Charcoal Mart and wondering what else you could do with all of those chunks of carbon and ash. Well, there many other ways you can put that charcoal to use! We’ve collected our favorite household uses for charcoal just for you.

Create Your Own Beauty Products

Everyone likes to look beautiful. And what is the better way to do it than putting on a makeup complete with eyeliners and mascaras on your beautiful face. But, instead of wasting money on those expensive brands who promise a great discount of 5% to you, you can crush some charcoals and create your own homemade eyeliners and mascara.

It will serve dual purposes; put the charcoals taking up your closet space to use and look beautiful without spending big for your make up kit. It also serve a secret third purpose of flaunting your creativity to others and market yourself next time they ask you to prove your creativity in those job interviews.

As A Detox Shake

Be honest! Every time you saw a bottle of tar lying somewhere, you have felt the magical urge to gulp to pick it up and gulp it down your throat. But, you don’t want to die so young AND a virgin. So, what’s the alternative? Well, gulp down a bottle of charcoal shake instead. And it is healthy too! If you have any idea of what science is, you must have learned about the amazing dirt absorbing and detoxifying property of charcoal. So, voila! You have a new healthy detoxifying smoothie flavor to drink instead of the other disgusting ones you feel like vomiting after even having a sip of.

Shine Your Teeth

You are at your home, feeling emotional, eating along with watching TV because you just had a break up two months ago. You are so emotionally broken that you have put all your body parts except your mouth and eyes to rest. And when finally those emotional clouds shed from over you, you realize what a mess you are and now, you want to clean yourself.

But you realize that your toothpaste tube is empty when you try to brush your teeth after months. Don’t worry! Just put the charcoals out of the box, crush it, rub it in your toothbrush and start brushing. Doctors and experts swear about the cleansing property of charcoal. And you know it’s true because you saw it in the toothpaste ad while you were busy watching TV for two months. Why not put it to good use then?

Although extended use of charcoal can become damaging to gums, if you’re actually wanting a healthy mouth you’ll want to gain the services provided by a dental practice such as this Dentist Santa Barbara and other clinics.

Hair Dying

You are in your mid-thirties and your hair has started to lose its color already. You feel embarrassed to go out, show off your hair in front of everyone and you keep it tucked at all times so none of the elderly laugh at you when they see your white hair. You are also jealous of your friend’s shining black hair but cannot afford a hair dye like her. Well, use charcoal instead. It is also black, and rubbing it on anything makes it black! So, why buy those expensive hair dyes which promise you a natural hair color, when you can use the natural charcoal right in your yard? I bet you have never even thought about this creative method to color your hair black. Now go out and flaunt your natural black shiny hair in style.