Business Ethics For Ghosts

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It is not uncommon

for a gas stations to display such a sign at its doors saying “No shirt, No Shoes, No Service” This might even be found on a Mom and Pop store that have designed their business store to appear like a spiritual shrine. Who really experiences the full amount of discrimination of such a policy? Ghosts do! It is not their fault that they are wardrobely challenged! It is not my fault I had to invent the word wardrobely! Just to defend the undead! No one seems to have a clue where ghostly spirits even keep their wardrobe of clothes, or if roaming the world while butt naked is actually kinda fun. Are these locations that deny services to be safe locations from people without shoes and shirts? Do business establishments provide a safe place, where your ghostly great grandparents are not getting freaky right behind you?

This is an uncharted area of science.

We are overdue to have a statistical report related to removing these signs from stores. Would supernatural hijinks halt or decrease? Would ghosts stop leaving awful messes in the restroom? Would they stop snatching our gas caps at the gas stations? Making our coffee too hot to drink for the next thirty minutes, just to wickedly inspire us to go back to sleep?

Who exactly is

the “No shirt, No Shoes, No Service” signs really targeted for? This discrimination will end when society can state that it is ok to be an undead spirit. Just please don’t randomly scare the monkey poop out of us. Please don’t shoot ectoplasm at us like some kind of creep. A good example of coexistence would be to stop crime. It is unlikely to happen if spirits continue to have ill feelings of alienation to haunt where ever they want to haunt.