10 Thoughts You Have Had While On A Diet

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When you’re trying to switch to healthier eating habits, there is nothing worse than seeing any food that isn’t lettuce or water. It’s so frustrating to see someone mowing down a burger while you’re drinking kale-flavored kombucha, salivating and wishing you could just throw your food in a deep fryer.

Here are some thoughts we’ve all had while dieting:


“WOOT made it through 24 minutes without thinking about sesame chicken!”


“Ok, when the server comes back, just CASUALLY take the dessert menu like it hasn’t been on your mind for the last hour and a half.”


“Someone is… on the other side of the building, having… (sniff)… birthday cake with… (clenches fist) buttercream frosting.”


“I wonder if anyone notices I’m Google Image searching Chocolate Fondue Bath.”


“Just one family size bag of M&Ms can’t be THAT bad, right?”


“If I have to see one more Applebee’s commercial I am going to punch my fist through the wall.”


“Don’t look at the pizza, it can sense your fear.”


“I feel weak. Need… sustenance… maybe some protein? Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream it is.”


 “Ok, I only cheated 3 times today, I’m doing soooo well! And they say dieting is hard, pshhh!”


“So, if there are 4 servings in a bag, and I ate the whole thing except for the crumbs… we’ll just say 2 servings, there were a LOT of crumbs.”